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Mercedes C class

Luxury – one size smaller

The new C-Class from Mercedes wants to bring the luxurious flair of the S-Class to the smaller segment. The first test shows whether this works.

Mercedes C220d.

SUV boom or e-car upswing: the C-Class remains one of the most important models in what is now a very broad Mercedes portfolio.

Since the first generation from 1982 (then still Mercedes 190, from 1993 then officially C-Class), the Swabians have sold 10.5 million units worldwide – 2.5 million of them are attributable to the now discontinued generation, which has been on the market since 2014 . This makes the middle class, which is available as a sedan and since 1996 as a station wagon, the best-selling model series in the last decade. The C-Class is no longer the “Baby Benz”, as the 190 was called when it was launched; since 1997, the A-Class has been the star’s entry point, but the middle class is still more affordable compared to the brand’s large models, which is certainly one of the reasons for the strong sales figures. Above all, however, it is the versatility that makes the C-Class attractive for many customers. There are numerous roles that the middle class with the star can play: For young and old fans of the brand, it can fulfill the dream of their first Mercedes, for families it can be an ideal everyday car, especially as a station wagon – and for fleet managers a reliable and economical one way to keep employees mobile. The C-Class is, so to speak, “everybody’s darling” in the Mercedes range, even if the ever-growing number of SUVs are nibbling on the market share.

This not only makes the starting position for a new model generation easy, because the bar is already set very high. With the new generation, internally known as the W206, Mercedes remains true to a tried-and-tested recipe: the large luxury sedan of the S-Class, which to a certain extent defines the model of the brand, serves as a model for the middle class. You can clearly see that in the new edition, both inside and out, without losing the harmonious proportions.

New Mercedes C class-mercedes

Interior with large touch screen.

The main feature of the interior is the large touchscreen in portrait format, which the C-Class has adopted from its more luxurious brother. The system reacts fluidly and quickly, the menus are structured logically, and the touchscreen shines with high resolution and razor-sharp display; In addition, there is the well-functioning voice control, which sets the navigation destination on the keyword “Hey Mercedes“, changes the temperature in the interior or changes the radio station. Overall, the interior is very high-quality – compared to the S-Class, only a few hard plastic inserts and of course the smaller amount of space are noticeable. But it doesn’t get tight in the C-Class either. The rear seat in particular has gained in comparison to its predecessor, with legroom increasing by 35 mm – after all, the new C-Class is also around 6 cm longer, and the wheelbase has grown by 2.5 cm. Despite the larger dimensions, the new edition is more manoeuvrable than the model in the outgoing model series: For the first time, Mercedes is offering the C-Class with rear-axle steering, which reduces the turning circle by 40 cm.

A 2-liter diesel with 4 cylinders is used under the hood in the test car; there will no longer be larger engines in the C-Class. This is followed by variants with plug-in hybrid technology. A mild hybrid system, which can use collected braking energy for short-term light support and switches off the motor when rolling, is installed in all variants. The C220d in the test car with 200 hp is the weaker of currently 2 diesel versions (C300d: 265 hp/ 550 Nm). The gasoline engines range from 170 to 258 hp – with all-wheel drive if desired. The automatic transmission with 9 gears is always in the car, which impresses on the first test drive with very smooth and suitable gear changes. The gearbox harmonises perfectly with the diesel engine, which scores with harmonious power delivery thanks to the gentle hybrid support. It can only be recognized as a 4-cylinder diesel during a cold start or under full load, but it is usually hardly audible anyway. The “Eco” driving mode, in which the engine is switched off whenever possible, is particularly recommended for everyday use; this is how you glide over amazing distances without any propulsion. That saves a lot of fuel. The C-Class undercuts the specified factory consumption by almost a liter in the test. The digital speedometer display even showed a consumption of just 4.3 l/100 km as the lowest value after a calmly driven cross-country stage. With one tank filling (66 l) more than 1200 km are easily possible. Coupled with the low noise level in the interior, the high suspension comfort and the impeccably comfortable seats, this makes the C-Class an excellent long-distance car.

The C180 entry-level model is available from CHF 56,700. Prices for the station wagon (C200) start at 63,000 francs; with a little equipment, 70,000 francs are quickly reached. It’s not cheap, but it’s fair.

New Mercedes C class-class

Mercedes C220d.

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