New Mercedes S-Class in the first test

Driving report Mercedes S 500 4MATIC

New Mercedes S-Class in the test: Yesterday’s battleship or true Tesla alternative?

New Mercedes S-Class in the first test-s-class
Cattle man Mercedes S-Class 2020

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann (Stuttgart)

Even before the market launch, the S-Class has to live a little with the flaw of being a kind of old men’s solution for Tesla refusers. The qualities of the limousine remain unmatched and 100 kilometers are even in it.

Sliding instead of driving, getting more relaxed than starting – this is connected to the Mercedes S -Class. And to anticipate it: Little has changed in the new edition. Daimler’s two-ton ship is still the most convenient way to drive from A to B in an automobile. Air springs, maximum noise-cropped and sublime you cancel the kilometers as calmly in the S-Class as if you were on a wellness vacation. You piloted a five-star escape capsule, which is discreetly illuminated with 250 LEDs and lined with leather.But the glow of the confidant. Especially when you sign the legendary signet "S 500" Stroked on the tailgate and then experienced the shock moment when looking under the bonnet: Instead of the good old V8 engine with five liters of displacement, there is now a charged three-liter six-cylinder in the machine room.

New Mercedes S-Class in the first test-mercedes
Daimler Mercedes S-Class 2020

The mobilizes lush 435 horsepower and 520 Newton meters of torque, but even an army of sound designers could not hide the fact that the voluminous eighers are no longer doing his job. the "real" 500 from Daimler should have increased in the collector’s value.

Advertisement:New Mercedes S-Class in the first test-s-class

S-Class now with six instead of eight cylinders

But we come back to the positive. The S-Class may weigh more than two tons, but on the valance of the star cruiser you feel more like in a C or E-Class. At least as far as the maneuverability is concerned. The new rear axle steering hits the bikes up to ten degrees. The effect is much more noticeable than in the rear axle steering of the 7 Series BMW: Even 180-degree bends in the Swabian Alb takes the Great Benz like an agile mid-range car. This is also very welcome if you rank the 5.18 meter ship; Not to mention the long version, which it brings to 5.29 meters.

New Mercedes S-Class in the first test-first
Daimler Mercedes S-Class

In the new edition, too, the Daimler engineers in the cockpit dispensed with the switch and ad overkill, which is known from the Audi A8. Of course, Daimler knows that you run the risk of being a kind of old men cruiser for Tesla refusal in terms of image. You can tell the Swabian if you are the new monitor as "as big as just as aesthetically justifiable" praise. But you shouldn’t be wrong: the interior of an S-Class has little to do with that of a Tesla Model S. The Tesla cockpit is ultimately like an Aldi branch, trimmed with decorative trends. The Daimler interior, on the other hand, is the precious wood desk in the boardroom. And both cars don’t even differ so much from the price.

New Mercedes S-Class in the first test-mercedes
Daimler Cockpit of the new S-Class

What Tesla has not brought about to this day has led Daimler to completion in the S-Class: the head-up display. The virtual monitor size with a diagonal of 77 inches works as if the picture is projected far away from the car directly onto the street. Including directional arrows, which are always on the right turn "lie" seem.

Diesel cruisers with Wumms: Audis A8 could drive automatically – but must not

New Mercedes S-Class in the first test-test

Site Diesel cruisers with Wumms: Audis A8 could drive automatically – but must not

If the driver does not look at the head-up display, then the 12.3-inch high-tech cockpit including a three-dimensional display. The latter is a visually impressive gimmick with two integrated cameras for facial recognition, but not really relevant in practice.

New Mercedes S-Class in the first test-first
Daimler Central monitor in the S-Class

The XXL screen in the middle with an OLED resolution from 1888 by 1728 pixels in turn requires acclimatization time. The S-Class was a vehicle from the "analog era". What you also see from the fact that there is still a classic light switch, but it is in the door trim and not on the dashboard.

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Massage on the executive chair

However, the best place in the Chauffeurs sedan S-Class is behind right. And it can be converted into a lying seat with a tendency of 37 degrees. A number of massage programs are waiting.

In this S-Class you feel like Helmut Kohl

New Mercedes S-Class in the first test-s-class

Site In this S-Class you feel like Helmut Kohl

In the version with a long wheelbase, the backrest is even 43.5 degrees. On request, a control panel including removable tablet control screen and two thermal cupholder can be had that warm or cool the drinks. So that the noble head is also pleasantly embedded, the Mercedes luxury limousine offers heated additional pillows on the headrests.

New Mercedes S-Class in the first test-first
Daimler Mercedes S-Class 2020

Parking of ghost hands

So the S -Class has plenty of comfort – it had to be defended by a call. In order to continue to play in the future, Daimler is installing further highlights in the S-Class:

  • Projection headlights with 1.3 million pixels can project symbols forward onto the street, such as a warning for the driver of pedestrians on the roadside.
  • The S-Class has the world’s first fund airbag, which unfolds directly from the backrest of the driver’s seat and does not only as usual as a side /roof airbag.
  • A air suspension on board is as an option "E-ABC"-Chassis with separately controlled struts.

Motors: classic or partially electrical

Under the hood it usually remains classic:

  • The sedan has a diesel engine in two power levels on board (S 350 / S 400 4MATIC)))-
  • There are also six-cylinder petrol engines (S 450, S 500) with an eight-cylinder as a later top version. The twelve cylinder remains reserved for the future Maybach variant.
  • At least one plug-in hybrid variant (S 580 E))). Thanks to the highly increased battery performance, this will be able to drive around 100 kilometers electrically.
  • Daimler’s actual Tesla hunter, on the other hand, is being built on a completely new electric platform and is only on the market as EQs in one to two years.

New Mercedes S-Class in the first test-s-class
Computer drawing: Reichel Car Design Mercedes is planning an electric luxury coupe that is called EQS

Autonomous driving: more possible than allowed

In the autonomous or. Automated driving, the S-Class is not a pioneer despite the concentrated sensor technology under the sheet metal. That hurts, especially since Tesla alone with his software is permanently optimized by his autopilot. Parking via Valet service (see video) works for the S-Class, but for security reasons, an employee with an emergency stop switch still has to run on the side-after all, the hurdle for series operations is a legal and no technical. The driver will leave the car in the future, activate the park app and hand over responsibility to Daimler at that moment.

Mercedes S-Class: Parking of ghosthand

New Mercedes S-Class in the first test-s-class

Site/Wochit Mercedes S-Class: Parking of ghosthand

The S-Class then parks in a previously booked parking lot. However, it only does this at a step speed at a maximum of 10 km/h-and the whole thing only works in parking garages that have a corresponding camera monitoring. The Swabians demonstrated that in the parking garage of the Stuttgart Airport. If you pick up the S-Class, it will come forward automatically after activating the app.In the second half of the next year, the S-Class should also control autonomous driving at Level 3. However, the system is not much more than an improved traffic jam assistant and only works up to 60 km / h, and a previous vehicle is needed on which the autopilot can orientate itself.

The five levels of autonomous driving

The terms autonomous and automated driving are often synonymous, there are important differences. These are the five levels of autonomous driving:

  • Level 0: The driver controls the car completely.
  • Level 1: There are assistance systems such as distance control or lane change warning, which only support the driver. This technology is widespread today down to the small car area.
  • Level 2: This is the level at which modern vehicles of the upper middle class and upper class are already located. Sub -automated systems can take over certain functions, such as track guidance or partial automatic parking. Models such as the current Mercedes E-Class, Teslas Model S and Model X or the BMW 5 Series are already dominating the level 2. At Tesla, even more functions were temporarily unlocked, but they were put back after a few incidents.
  • Level 3: This is the (high) automated driving, in which the driver must be able to intervene at any time, but may also turn to other things if the system is activated. With a warning time, the driver can be asked to take the lead again. Level 3 is developed as standard, for example in the Audi A8 .
  • Level 4: At the fully automated driving the driver can even intervene if the system fails, but as a rule the car should take over everything. This level is currently being tested in practice by various car manufacturers and suppliers as well as tech groups.
  • Level 5: At the actual autonomous driving is no longer required. You no longer need a steering wheel or other controls. The occupants become pure passengers.

"Something idiotic": Great excitement about ski video from Austria

New Mercedes S-Class in the first test-test

Site/Wochit "Something idiotic": Great excitement about ski video from Austria

Snake bends into opponents: Then you can see what she really has in her mouth

New Mercedes S-Class in the first test-test

Site/Wochit Snake bends into opponents: Then you can see what she really has in her mouth

Type Mercedes-Benz S-Class S 500 4MATIC
engine Turbo charging in line six-cylinder petrol engine
Displacement (cm3) 2999
Performance in PS (KW) at U/Min-1 435 (320) at 5900
Max. Torque (nm) at UMin-1 520 Nm at 180 rpm
Speed (km/h)
Acceleration 0-100 km/h (sec.))) 4.9
transmission 9-speed automatic
drive all wheel drive
Fuel great
Consumption EU third mix (L/100 km) 9.5
CO2 emissions (g/km) 216
Length (mm) 5179
width (mm) 2109
Height (mm) 1503
Weight, manufacturer-
Specification (KG)
Max. Payload (kg) 765
Price (euro) 116.€ 232.00
Exhaust gas standard Euro 6 d

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  1. recommendation
    I can only recommend everyone who only recommend the S-Class, drive them myself;) … After that, thinks again exactly about the price, then you also understand who the car is intended for and then you can also feel my own body how grandiose the technology works in it. Of course, Tesla may also be close in the future, but then also at a very similar price. At the moment the comparison is complete nonsense. Oh yes and for everyone who always praises the Tesla autopilot, you can’t say anything that works great and the updates will still refine a lot. Almost the same could the S-Class, but also 7 years ago, everyone can find out freely on the Internet.

  2. You are right, Mr. DOhrmann
    Many contemporaries just don’t get that. In particular, Tesla Fanboys are unable to see reality. They also believe because a swatch shows the time as much as a Rolex would be better because cheaper. Tesla can’t even keep up in the same price range as the S-Class. Because such a model s (a coincidence that the car is called that?) Full equipment also costs.

  3. Fat cart
    Since the car can now park independently, you no longer need the directions that are automatically extended in the old S-Class when the reverse gear is switched on on the rear fenders. But that does not mean that the vehicle has now become clear. And somehow this S-Class, like the predecessor, exudes the charm and sportiness of a Helmut Kohl. So old -fashioned, so uninteresting, so uninteresting. So there is a Tesla, if you already want this comparison, a real one "Eye -catcher". So Daimler just missed the chance to arrive in the present.

  4. So old -fashioned…
    …And unimaginlessly your comment on the S-Class Mr. Chowaniec! It will be just as interested in a Daimler customer as the message that a sack of rice is overturning somewhere in China somewhere!

  5. luxury
    Why do customers buy an S-Class because they can financially. The buyers of a Rolex brand watch is not primarily concerned with being able to read the correct time. Such products are luxury, which offers something special in technology, design and brand image. Many people with a thicker bank account also want to show the financial success and use worldwide recognized image products. Here the S-Class has been playing at the forefront for years. It is noteworthy that such a product is developing in Germany, securing jobs, wages and tax revenue in your own country. It will be interesting to see what Tesla will contribute to the tax in Germany.

  6. S-Class VS Tesla ?
    This is not even a bad gag ! You should look at the S-Client clientele. They do not sit in in any Tesla. Reasons for this should be known. Apart from that, the S-Class is sold worldwide. Nowhere else is there a panic as in this country. The sales figures will show that the customer buys, not the editor….

  7. You love goodness, seriously?
    Bad, as is done in the headline as if Tesla had the yardstick for everything and others would have to get there first. Sorry, but the level on which an S-Class moves is no Tesla ever reaching. Neither with comfort, processing nor with security and environmental compatibility. The German manufacturers are building the world’s best vehicles by far. Anyone who prefers to drive a Tesla for the same money proves complete ignorance. But please, in contrast to Tesla Fanboys, I don’t judge this, everyone can hold as desired.

  8. @Harper
    Soso, Tesla builds cars from today? Safe, but with the quality of the day before yesterday, because Tesla has not achieved ten years to deliver quality that also deserves the name! Vehicles with the quality of Tesla would be at Daimler, BMW, etc. Do not even make it from the vehicle transporter to the car dealership!

  9. Unfortunately have
    Most do not yet understand that e-cars are the worse environmental sinners (as much CO2 is released to produce one of these batteries as a car on approx. 140000km) . This type of drive is a stillbirth. Hydrogen, on the other hand, would be the real alternative. In addition, cars only make up 0.01% of the CO2 emissions worldwide. Therefore, I would have liked a nice V8 in the engine compartment. Otherwise, the quality and the comfort at Mercedes is beyond any doubt. Greetings to the site censorship.

  10. Snapshot…
    …Get some forists here if you see the sometimes derogatory comments on the car. This vehicle will go its way and correctly "Money" Rinse into the cash registers of Daimler. China becomes z.B. be a market where you can take vehicles of this kind with kiss hand! It is still time to enjoy such a vehicle until the combustion engines are banned in 15/20 years. To enjoy quality that Tesla will probably never reach!

  11. Yes exactly, Mr. Harper,
    The Germans have long since overtook the Asians, with what please? Or have you ever seen a high -ranking politician or business captain in a Japanese car in Europe, USA or Russia? Think about why that is not the case.

  12. Saving money easy?
    Apparently the headlights from the 4 Series BMW have been borrowed. BMW as a Mercedes supplier? That saves some money.

  13. …Headlights from the 4 BMW borrowed..
    says Mr. Berger! Value Mr. Berger, BMW does not give anything and is therefore not a Mercedes supplier!! BMW does not build headlights! BMW itself is supplied by "suppliers who also build/manufacture these headlights!!

  14. Dino!
    Among the ecological future perspectives "dinosaurs"! Daunting for extinction! This vehicle can only serve as a depreciation object.


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