New Opel Astra on the destination straight

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New Opel Astra on the destination straight-destination

The development of the completely new Opel Astra is fully in the plan, so that the now eleventh generation of successful compact class models can celebrate their official world premiere in a few weeks, as the manufacturer announces. Since the past winter, it is said on the way to series production: testing, testing, testing! Check for a variety of routes, refine and validate the Opel engineers the new model in practice. First of all, it went to the far north, where the prototypes in clinking cold on the icy roads of Swedish-Lapland’s rounded their rounds.

Back in the home, the engineers tested the pre-production vehicles on heart and kidneys in the test Center Dudenhofen as well as on public roads. Found in the Rhine-Main area – accompanied by the Opel guide wars around CEO Michael Lohscheller – just the validation rides of the new Astra instead. At the same time, the newcomer now runs through the final tests in the EMC laboratory (electromagnetic compatibility) in Russelsheim. A bang-hard test marathon, at the end of which is the type-approval, so that the next Astra generation can soon go in series production.

Since the next Astra generation as plug-in hybrid will play an important role in the other electrification of the Opel model portfolio, the engineers have also taken some electro-specific things exactly below the magnifying glass, such as the warm-up duration of the lithium-ion battery. So they were able to ensure that the performance of the cells also satisfied the requirements for purely electric driving at low outside temperatures.

New Opel Astra on the destination straight-drive therefore conceivable Whether OpelOpel

The validation rides with camouflaged prototypes and pre-production vehicles take place at different development stages to validate all systems of a new model and their integration into the overall vehicle. In the final stage of the development process, a cross-departmental team from engineers and technicians checks the cars again closely on heart and kidneys – along with the Opel guideways around Michael Lohscheller. This is at the same time for the Opel CEO chief thing and heart matters, as the manufacturer announces. The recent validation trips with the “ErlkOnigen” took place at the beginning of until mid-June on public roads in the Opel home around Russelsheim.

Electric magnetically flawless: only so there is a type-approval

While development prototypes and pre-production models in the far north, in Dudenhofen and on public roads went to the route in Germany and abroad, ran in parallel further Astra vehicles intensive tests in the Russelsheim test stands and laboratories. For example, in the specially equipped EMC laboratory, where electromagnetic compatibility has been tested during the development process. Here, the engineers ensured that it does not come to mutually interference (so-called interference) of different electronics systems.

For this purpose, the vehicles were irradiated in all imaginable frequency ranges. The exceptionally pronouncing absorbers on the walls “sucked” the radiated waves, so that they were not thrown back uncontrollably into the room. In this way, the engineers won clean, usable measurement data. Only if all vehicle systems are absolutely resistant to electromagnetic radiation sources from the outside, the new model gives green light at Opel – and the official type-approval.

The top model of the Astra is intended to go to the start of media reports as plug-in hybrid and get the 300 hp and 520 nm strong drive of the SUV Grandland X – a 1.6-liter petrol engine, which is supported by two electric motors: 81 kW front and 83 kW rear. Another, weaker plug-in hybrid with front drive is therefore conceivable. Whether Opel also plans a pure electro version, is not yet known.

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  1. From the article:

    “The top model of the ASTRA is to be used as plug-in hybrid [… with] 1,6-liter petrol engine [coming], which is supported by equal two electric motors: 81 kW front and 83 kW rear. Another, weaker plug-in hybrid with front drive is therefore conceivable. Whether Opel also plans a pure electro version, is not yet known.”

    OPELS ASTRA emphasis so still on environmentally harmful dizons, but then until the end of the decade at the end of the decade Burning battlefest on the residual value imminent ..

  2. I drive my 2. Astra, I’m quite satisfied with that, good road situation, low consumption. The acceleration is because of the eco mode under each sow, but I’m a fuel-saving, comfortable on the way. And no, I have no hat.
    If I buy a car again, sure only one electric.
    Whether the Astra will be a hit? The e-mocca the customers opel yes out of their hands. But a burner?


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