New Opel Astra: The top model is the plug-in hybrid

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New Opel Astra: The top model is the plug-in hybrid-plug-in

Opel has presented the sixth, completely newly developed Astra generation. The success story of the Opel Bestseller began 30 years ago with the successor of the legendary cadet. With the new Astra, the German manufacturer now wants to open the next chapter – for the first time, the compact class model is also electrified. Opel will offer the new Astra next to the usual combustion versions also in two power levels as plug-in hybrid, it says in a current message. The new Astra also designates the Russelsheimer as a design statement of the brand: more dynamic than ever before, with clear, exciting line tour without superfluous flourishes and with the new brand face – the Opel Vizor. This is intended to illustrate that the Astra goes into a new era.

The new Astra uses the third generation of multi-energy platform EMP2. This highly flexible high-tech construction kit has given the Opel developers all design possibilities. First of all, it counts that the newcomer – as well as any other Opel is also – to the last screw “highway checked”. In short: to achieve driving pleasure and stability at high speeds, boasted at the top of the engineers. The steering and the side stiffness of the chassis – front with McPherson strut and rear with composite control axis – are designed for a high yaw control (as low as possible movements around the horizontal axis).

The new Astra is 4.37 meters long and 1.86 meters wide – dimensions that clearly make him the compact class model. Thus, the next Astra generation is just 4 millimeters longer than before – but thanks to the extremely short overhang on the vehicle front over a wheelbase of 2675 millimeters (+13 millimeters). In the trunk of the five-seater can be stowed up to 422 liters of luggage. The new Opel Astra will be orderable from autumn and roles from the beginning of 2022 to the first customers.

The Astra Electro-Aignant begins: for the first time as a powerful plug-in hybrid

The new Astra will be available for the first time in the compact class history of Opel from the start path both electrified with powerful plug-in hybrid variants as well as with gasoline and diesel engines. The power bandwidth ranges from 81 kW (110 hp) at the entry-level gasoline engine up to 165 kW (225 hp) system performance at the plug-in hybrid.

The new generation was designed at the Opel headquarters in Russelsheim, developed and will also be produced there from autumn. The Newcomer Bring – similar to its predecessor in the 2015 market launch – innovation into the compact class, the customers so far more preferably knew of more expensive vehicles. So debut the Astra with the recent version of the Adaptive Intelli-Lux LED Pixel Light. The lighting system comes directly from the Opel flagship Insignia and applies to 168 LED elements as a leader in the compact and middle class.

An aispair, as the manufacturer emphasizes, have also taken place in the interior of the new generation of the Astra. With the fully digital pure panel all analog displays disappear. Instead, the new human-machine interface (Human-Machine Interface) offers an intuitive operator experience with a fresh, modern appearance. The passengers in the new Astra use an extrabined touchscreen – like their familiar smartphone. The Opel developers have highlighted the fact that the driver receives all necessary information and all meaningful operations, but neither with superfluous data nor functionalities is burdened. In addition, important settings such as air conditioning can still be selected directly with a few switches. Never had an Opel so intuitive and perfectly to serve as the new Astra.

New Opel Astra: The top model is the plug-in hybrid-astraOpel

Great value Opel also put a good seating comfort. The front seats developed in-line are EGR certified (action healthy back e.V.) and comfortable with their ergonomics on long trips. The driver is supported by mistracy assistance systems from the head-up display via the part autonomous Intelli-Drive 2.0 system up to 360 degree all-up view called Intelli vision.

The Opel design philosophy of the new Astra

The Opel SUVS Mokka, Crossland and Grandland already carry him – now he also adorns the new Astra: the Opel Vizor. The new brand face has been specially developed for the next-generation Astra. The Vizor spawn the compass philosophy of Opel. At the design compass, two axes intersect with the Opel flash in the middle. The vertical axis is determined by the sharp, clear strap fold in the bonnet. The Vizor is characterized as a horizontal line, which extends to the wing-shaped graphics of the LED daytime running lights, the vehicle front. So the new Astra optically wider, at the same time, the Vizor integrates new technologies such as the slender intelli-lux LED headlights and the front camera of the 360-degree intelli-vision system seamlessly in its harmonious “visor”. His momentum wants to convey the new Astra from the side, for example with the visually approaching, wide C-pillars.

New Opel Astra: The top model is the plug-in hybrid-opelOpel

Also in the rear view, the Opel compass is reflected again – with (as with all Astra light units) energy-saving LED taillights on the sides, the vertical third brake light and the centrally mounted in the middle flash, over which the tailgate is open at the same time leaves. This consists of modern plastic. A double advantage: Thanks to the thermoplastic material, the tailgate becomes particularly lightweight and stiff and details like the ultra-slim tail lights can be shaped precise.

The new Astra also waits with some modern driver assistance systems. The basis for this form numerous cameras and sensors around the car. The multifunction camera in the windshield complement four more cameras – one on the front, one on the stern and one on each vehicle side. In addition there are five radar sensors (on each corner and on the front) as well as ultrasonic sensors front and rear.

The new Intelli-Drive 2.0 System combines all cameras and sensors with ehorizon connectivity support – so the range of cameras and radar becomes even bigger. The advantage of sophisticated technology: The system can customize the drive speed in curves, make speed recommendations and execute semi-automatic lane change. Special technology continues to increase attention and safety in flowing traffic by warning the driver as soon as he takes the hands of the steering wheel.

With Intelli-Drive 1.0 Detects the recovery assistant, whether a car or pedestrian is approaching when reverse. The system also has a large-scale Dead Angle Warner and an Active Lane Holding Wizard, which holds the vehicle in the middle of the lane.

New Opel Astra: The top model is the plug-in hybrid-opelOpel
In the next-generation Astra, an automatic speed wizard is installed. He keeps the distance to the preceding vehicle beyond the set pace by accelerating the Astra accordingly – without exceeding the preselected speed – or slows down. If the front man brakes off, the Opel also delays the pace, optionally to standstill. Thanks to “Stop & Go function”, the new ASTRA with automatic transmissions also starts automatically from the stand. Accelerates the front man, the compact class model also increases the speed, so that the entered distance is maintained.

In addition, the new Astra offers more innovative assistance systems: The portfolio ranges from the large head-up display and the extended traffic sign recognition to different technologies, which make the parking and papers more relaxed as well as maneuvering in city traffic. This includes the 360-degree in Intelli vision. The camera and radar-based system facilitates parking.

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