New plug-in hybrid of the Mercedes S-Class available now

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New plug-in hybrid of the Mercedes S-Class available now-mercedes

With the S 580 E, the fourth generation of the hybrid drive in the S-Class of Mercedes-Benz Premiere celebrates. The plug-in hybrid is at short and long wheelbase at prices from 123.736 euros can be ordered. Mercedes-Benz has been upgrading the equipment of its flagship. The active chassis E-Active Body Control is now available. Equally new security and comfort options known from the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. For example, the MBUX Interior Assistant and the Belt Bringer for the Fund.

With an electric drive power of 110 kW (150 hp) and a purely electrical range of more than 100 kilometers (WLTP), the S 580 E can be on the road in many cases without the use of the internal combustion engine. The electric range has more than doubled compared to its predecessor. The combined consumption gives Daimler with 1.5 to 1.1 liters, the CO2 emissions are between 33 and 26 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

The base of the hybrid drive is a six-cylinder series motor with 270 kW (367 hp) from the current engine generation of Mercedes-Benz. The high power density of the hybrid drive head is achieved by means of a permanent-controlled internal rotor synchronous machine. The maximum torque of the E-machine of 480 nm is ready from the first motor revolution and causes a high agility when starting up and a dynamic driving behavior. The maximum speed in the driving program Electric is 140 km / h, then soft is switched off. The arrangement of the battery in the vehicle takes advantage of the predecessor benefits in everyday life: The luggage room has no one more and offers a throughload option.

For the three-phase charging on the AC network, a 11 kW charger on board is available as standard, for the quick-release with DC a 60 kW DC loader available. Even with emptied battery, a full charge is feasible in a good 30 minutes.

New security and comfort features for the rear

The cargo space package is standard with all S-Class sedans and facilitates loading. With hands-free access, the trunk can be easily opened by kick movement under the rear apron. Thanks to the loading possibility, bulky objects like skiing place. Remote closing of the trunk lid works comfortably by pressing a button.

Nautik Blue Metallic, Designo Cashmere White Magno, Designo Kalaharigold Metallic and Designo Selenitgrau Magno Hot the new paints. And for the center console is now also a variant in glass look black Dotted Lines to choose from.

New plug-in hybrid of the Mercedes S-Class available now-availableMercedes Benz

More driving comfort and agility should offer the optional active chassis E-Active Body Control. It is combined with the standard air suspension airmatic. Since the system regulates the spring and damper forces individually at each bike, it is not only work, but also nick and lifting movements. The innovative features also include that the body can be raised with a page crash. The system also allows Road Surface Scan and the curve function Curve a special level of comfort.

“Praise for digital key collection” is a new service of Mercedes Me. Thus, the S-Class for car sharing is prepared for example in the family or circle of friends. By app, the owner can unlock the vehicle from the distance. Then a temporary in the interior-deposited circular key is activated and the borrower can start the vehicle.

New security and comfort options for the rear

At the same time, new security and comfort options for the fund can be found by the recently introduced Mercedes-Maybach S-Class: The MBUX Interior Assistant in the FOND, for example, can recognize passengers in the second row of seats. Then the headrests drive out automatically. With intuitive hand movements, the rear sunrollo can be controlled in the panoramic sunroof. It is available in conjunction with the MBUX Interior Wizard Front. This can be combined with all interior colors out of upholstered leather exclusively Nappa silver gray / black.

The automatic belt britter in the rear demands indirectly for buckling and makes this more convenient. An already occupied, comfortable sitting position must not be left for the extension. The belt britter is integrated in the adjustable back of the seat and thus always in the right position to the passenger. This extra is available in conjunction with electrically adjustable rear seats including memory function. With the adaptive rear lighting, the interior light in brightness and color temperature can be adjusted multi-level. LED spotlights are adjustable in position and size and serve as a reading or lounge light. The calf massage in the fund turns the blood circulation and prevents fatigue. On board, this comfort function is when the customer relies for its S-Class with long wheelbase Executive seats.

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