New review: 60 scrap bridges on the A45 must be renewed

Dilapidated infrastructure

New review: 60 scrap bridges on the A45 must be renewed

New review: 60 scrap bridges on the A45 must be renewed-Deserve reward Here Labrador saves
Markus Klumper/dpa The dilapidated Talbrucke Rahmede may no longer be used.

A new review showed that all large 60 valley bridges of the so -called Sauerland line on the A45 must be replaced. This should result in massive effects for many drivers for a long time.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More information for drivers in the region is the bad news: all 60 large valley bridges of the A45 must be replaced. This resulted in a new review about which the "WDR" reported.According to this, all bridges are so dilapidated that they no longer withstand today’s traffic, said the head of the Westphalia branch of the new Autobahn GmbH of the federal government, Elfriede Sauerwein-Braksiek, "WDR".

All large valley bridges on the A45 have to be rebuilt

"Of course we try to build the bridges so that the traffic can continue to flow", So sour wine braksiek. The bridges are to be built next to the previous roadway. "And later we push in the finished superstructure", So sour wine braksiek.

Particularly bitter for road users: When the bridges can be replaced exactly, cannot always be planned precisely. Long traffic jams are probably inevitable.

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The complete renovation of the A45 between Dortmund and the Hessian state border is currently underway – all 38 Talbrucken is to be renewed. The dilapidated, dilapidated A45-Talbrucke Rahmede near Ludenscheid on the important north-south traffic axis ensures serious problems since the beginning of December. It will have to be completely rebuilt in the coming years – just like everyone else.

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"Deserve a reward": Here a Labrador saves a fawn in front of the drowning

New review: 60 scrap bridges on the A45 must be renewed-Deserve reward Here Labrador saves

Bit projects "Deserve a reward": Here a Labrador saves a fawn in front of the drowning

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13 thoughts on “New review: 60 scrap bridges on the A45 must be renewed”

  1. Bridges and corona
    The more you test, the more are not so good. The safest job is currently bridge builder. But no hurry until the planning is completed, the study is ended.

  2. Bavaria
    After decades of the Ministry of Transport under CSU leadership, Bavaria probably does not have to worry about his transport infrastructure… In the case of the A45, however, it comes out, as CSU ministers have treated other federal states.

  3. Not really something new
    before about. For 15-20 years there was a documentary on the bridges of the A45 in the WDR and there it was already certified that they are dilapidated. Since then, however, only makeshift repairs have been led by.

  4. poor Germany
    Thanks Ms. Merkel, thank you Mr. Scheuer! Instead of investing billions in dilapidated EU countries, it should have been better taken care of D.

  5. This is going to be exciting
    We should bet to how many times the costs during the construction phase will increase. Whether it exceeds the result of the Gorch Fock or BER? Exciting.

  6. That buildings age and brittle
    becomes normal. But you should think about it (the most important thing is to name politics here!) where a) the billions of car taxes have been submitted (in any case not on the street or to the citizen), b) who is mainly responsible for the dilapidated bridges and streets (here the traffic is probably the smallest reason for this). With a lot of money, companies are supported by the billions in profits, a lot of money also sinks into the EU or around the world. Family child promotion where it would not actually be necessary, etc. and so on. With the next wage increases, we will continue to raise the wage prices and the companies can release more returns for the already rich thanks to the upcoming profit increase. Thanks politics, thank you.

  7. Lord Reker,
    That is already clear, but that doesn’t mean that politicians have a license to make any nonsense and to burn any amount of money for any stupid. After all, it’s our money. Politicians are not an end in itself, but have to fulfill an order.

  8. For decades
    Almost exclusively Brussels and the rest of the world were taken care of.You have made yourself popular with a lot of money.That a lot stayed on the track was foreseeable.If a party has denounced these conditions, it was whistled.The whole country would and is driven on wear.The politician and civil servant state is getting bigger, but not more productive.That every euro that you have to be made has not yet arrived at the traffic lights.A discharge of the citizens is urgently offered.And then you should finally continue with real policy instead of dreaming.

  9. Where is our vehicle tax ???
    What is the contribution to the millions of trucks that use these bridges by transfer ? Is there more pollution if truck and car drivers have to take major detours ? The infrastructure of Germany has been broken for years. The funds went to others "Projects". The EU is only one of them.

  10. …. Well they are there…
    …, the bridges. D, as an export -dependent country, will soon not even be able to "urban" Bring the export goods to the man. The whole (tax) effort in "Things CO2" Dashes if millions of truck / cars have to accept additional detours and traffic jams. From overexploitation in terms of education, know-how-"transfer" … and or "security" Etc. Not to mention. The C-parties should have won the BTW, just for "fun" To look at, via SRF Z.B., How to try to get out of this mess. And fr. Baerbock should fly/rowing/sailing at least every 2-3 weeks to collect the UN for D developmental aid.


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