New smart from 2022 no more than two-seater?

New smart from 2022 no more than two-seater?-2022

Due to uncertain source situation with caution is a message of the message magazine FOCUS, what smart, meanwhile a pure e-auto brand, wants to set the production of the two-seater model fortwo. From 2022, although – in cooperation with the new partner GEELY – a new one, in China instead of how previously produced in France, will come to the market. However, not more than less than three meters long two-seaters, as FOCUS wants to learn.

A two-seater electro-smart with its range is no longer competitive with its range of ideas than 150 kilometers. In his preferred territory, tight and crowded inner cities, smart drivers often have no way to load away from public stations for lack of own garage or underground parking space – which would be more likely to be needed in comparison to other models. Thus, the massive decline in SMART sales figures could be explained this year, since no more combustor models are sold – 80 percent decreased in the first half of 2020. In addition, the market for electrical micromobility in China is dominated by various cheapest manufacturers who have cars in the style of a better golf karts for converted a few thousand euros in the program. And a cheap manufacturer does not want to be the Daimler daughter smart, on the contrary.

The new Smart for 2022 is to build on a new, fully electric platform, technically upgraded, new aligned, and a premium model in the B segment will be as competitor too similar large cars as the VW Polo or the Opel Corsa. The car expert prof. Ferdinand DudenhOffer refers to the restart in the Focus as a great opportunity: “With the previous smart concept, it was not possible to make the brand in progress in the long term. The market for pure two-seater is too close as you have seen at the Toyota IQ. Therefore, it was not possible to go into the future with smart in his present form. It will be exciting how the new joint venture Daimler-Geely works and how the new vehicle concepts of the Smart appearance “.

The Daimler Geely-Smart is intended to first rumors a four-door mini-SUV or crossover at a base price by 15.000 Euro will be suitable for the mobility business with self-propelled robot cars. Just as Daimler a few years ago with the SMART VISION EQ study showed an electric, automated City Flitzer. However, it was designed as a two-seater.

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8 thoughts on “New smart from 2022 no more than two-seater?”

  1. A cheap manufacturer does not want to be the smart? But recently come from China to us. There must be a horse laugh, and the market leaders silence and enjoy.

  2. Yeah, I only build with an electric drive, with too low reach and conclude that people do not want 2 seaters. So instead of building a car with unique selling feature one already everyone else have …, Hi ??? Without the 2 seater is smart and the concept dead.
    Well, the conversion from 451 to the 453 was probably not the best idea. Equipped the 451 with a real little hybrid that would have been the right direction. Our 451 and 452 will probably soon become cult highs.

  3. The two-seater would have already been threatened by the Twizy if the reasonably clever has been constructed. Namely with more efficient drive, larger battery, doors, heating, luggage solution at the stern. Everything no witchwork. If similar companions come to a third of the price from the kingdom of the center, that will nibble on the customer base. But in the end, a two-seater is still car and stands in traffic jam or on expensive parking space. Who tends to minimal solutions, is easier to decide against a two-seater and for a pedelec, loading wheel, open-plan, and electric truck or electric scooter. But I also see the four-seater threatened. Cars such as the Renault K-ZE / DACIA Spring are already there, only will not be imported. This is a four-seater and “full car” for half price of a smart. The next smart has to settle clearly if he wants to hold his position.

  4. No Djebasch, that’s not that bad. Before the Chinese can march over, they must first come. Would not be so bad for the kima if they were. All new ones from Europe in the pipeline are fully played in Tesla M 3 class, PSA, Opel, VW with I.D., up too Jaguar as well as MB and BMW. Conclusion: If we do not buy pure burners anymore, and also draw the Europeans in the closer choice. We can also do what Korea and California do today.

  5. This combines the disadvantages of a conventional compact (too big) with the disadvantages of a subsequent two-seater (too small)
    The Smart 450 1. Generation was there simply Konsequneter, outside small enough for the expression and cross parking and indoor large enough for two people and luggage. There are also long pure, which can not start with the conventional small cars, can not sit because! So restore the 1er, a neat battery pure, that’s enough for the box!

  6. Many users are on the way to work alone and also in their free time, all the one-person households. The two-seater is enough for those who do not want a four-seater, would be a pity if he is no longer built, in addition, from the current battery, 20-30 kilometers more through the management could be brought out through the management. I mean, the wrong direction for the future.

  7. At least Smart is consistent, if something goes wrong, then correct. I just do not oppose their goal, what have the strategists believed after which the burners were no longer built and the electric smart was simply built so on? That the customer did not look right and left and cheered an outdated concept? If the facelift had come to the market with a better battery and a reasonable onboard charger, then many smart drivers could live with it. But that would be missed and now another solution is tested, even that will not bring anything anymore. The call is ruined

  8. I just think the smart is in the end. Nothing will come anymore, Daimler will look purely on paper shape with Geely that you can sell your fleet from their E vehicles for their cross-subsidies on their gasoline and diesel motors purely taxes their fleet a bit green … and that Wars. By by Smart and Yes, Smart has certainly caused something to rethink our mobility. Was a great time and it continues. Other brands and manufacturers come.. and disappear again. The Chinese certainly have a few good trumps on their side in terms of electromobility. EV. Also India with Tata ? In any case, there are the growth opportunities rather rosy for the automotive industry
    As in Europe. Let’s see what the future brings.


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