New suv coupe from vw: the taigo.

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VW Taigo

The democratization of the SUV coupe

SUV coupes have long been at home in the higher price range, now the VW Taigo is coming and bringing the concept into affordable spheres.

Coming to dealerships in December: The VW Taigo.

The product strategists of automobile manufacturers occasionally speak of democratization. Whenever technical solutions or pleasant additional equipment become accessible to a broader mass, i.e. are available for a lower price. Because new technologies are usually expensive at first and are therefore only used in luxury vehicles costing more than 100,000 francs. There are many examples of this, the matrix high beam, which can selectively hide individual areas, the navigation system or even the air conditioning. Equipment that had its beginnings in the luxury class – and today is already a matter of course in the compact class or can at least be ordered at extra cost. The idea of ​​the SUV coupe was also first launched in the upper price league. It remains to be seen whether this body shape is actually a sensible innovation. However, one thing is certain: the mixed form of coupe and off-road vehicle in the broader sense was extremely well received, continues to sell well and obviously also appeals to many who cannot or do not want to buy into the high-price segment. So it made sense for manufacturers to gradually “democratize” the SUV coupe and also offer it on a smaller scale at a lower price – resulting in the VW Taigo, the brand’s first SUV coupe. Although there is now an SUV coupe with an electric drive, the ID.5, the Taigo is only really new in this country. In Brazil, where the small SUV coupe was also developed, the car has been available as the VW Nivus since mid-2020. Now it has been adapted for the European market, including with a slightly shorter wheelbase. Nevertheless, at 4.27 meters long, the Taigo is around 20 centimeters longer than a VW Polo with which it shares the platform. It even towers over the compact SUV T-Cross by around four centimetres, even the VW T-Roc, which is in a slightly higher price range and, in contrast to the Taigo and T-Cross, is also available with all-wheel drive, is no longer built.

Constructed from familiar ingredients

As usual with VW, there are no big surprises in the technology under the sheet metal. The Taigo also uses the Group’s modular system. Only petrol engines are used under the hood. In the lower price range, diesel can hardly be realized profitably due to the low demand and the complex and therefore expensive exhaust gas cleaning – and there is no budget for a complex electrified drive either. So VW relies on the tried and tested: The 1.0-liter three-cylinder with turbocharging is available with 95 or 110 hp, with the weaker version always being switched via a manual five-speed gearbox. In the 110 hp version, you can choose between a 6-speed manual transmission and a seven-speed DSG automatic transmission.

This is always installed in connection with the most powerful engine. The top variant gets the well-known four-cylinder with 1.5 liters displacement and 150 hp. This makes the car, which weighs just under 1.3 tons, absolutely sufficiently motorized. The engine pleases with good running smoothness, only when starting a slight delay is occasionally noticeable, but this is more due to the double clutch transmission, which does its job pleasantly unobtrusively while driving.

New SUV coupe from VW: The Taigo.-taigo

Cockpit with digital instruments.

Inside, the Taigo feels very familiar despite being a new model. Well-known ingredients are also used here. The clearly designed speedometer display with a 10.25-inch screen diagonal costs extra, and there is an eight-inch version as standard. The larger touchscreen infotainment system with a 9.2-inch monitor is also an extra for a surcharge. The fact that this is not the latest generation of technology from the group’s modular system does not necessarily have to be seen as a disadvantage. Because while the newer variant, such as that used in the current VW Golf, still has to struggle with software difficulties, the predecessor in the Taigo also appears to be mature, well thought-out and easy to use. The smartphone can also be integrated via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, so that all the required functions can be installed in the car easily and up-to-date.

The rearward sloping roof line is of course somewhat noticeable when it comes to the available space – especially when entering the second row. However, the space is more than sufficient for a car of this size – and that also applies to the trunk. As long as you don’t transport large, bulky objects, you don’t have to accept any major disadvantages due to the body shape. Last but not least, this also applies to the price: from 26,700 francs.

New SUV coupe from VW: The Taigo.-taigo

VW Taigo.

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