New Tesla 40 times extremely accelerated: So much energy is still in the battery news

Experience has shown that the batteries of electric vehicles react rather negatively to an overly severe gas foot of the driver or too many acceleration orgies with one and the same battery charge.

A Youtuber wanted to know exactly using the example of his Tesla Model S Plaid and more than 40 extremely accelerations one after the other. You can find out from us how his Tesla coped this. In the video you can see the test of the older brother Tesla Model S P90D.

For electric vehicles, the battery is the central component, which is also responsible for the range but also for the possible retrieval of the maximum performance. As with all electrical appliances, the short retrieval of high services usually has a very negative effect on the battery and its state of charge. Especially at Tesla, this had increasingly led to criticism in the past. Even Porsche had addressed the problem in view of the introduction of the Taycan Turbo s using the example of the Model S performance, reports In the meantime, Tesla has solved the problem, which also impressively demonstrates the current video of Brooks Weisblat from the Dragtimes Canal, see below.

In the video, Weisblat competed with his Tesla Model S Plaid on the quarter mile, which was typical for US races. Among other things, he wanted to find out how well the Model S Plaid works if the vehicle’s battery only has a charge status of 20 percent. But first 40 acceleration races were driven, each cost two percent of the battery capacity. The tester was amazed, as well as the 41. Despite the low battery stand, the quarter mile in 9.94 seconds with a speed 136.40 miles per hour (approx. 220 km/h) was completed. Accordingly, it had only needed 2.33 seconds from zero to a hundred.

Tesla kept promise and proved constant performance

The evidence that Tesla has held his performance of Model S Plaid compared to its predecessors and, especially at all shop levels, has been able to improve its promise that Tesla has. Previous models such as the Model S "Raven" performance or the model S P100D with Ludicrous Plus tended to show a drop in performance if the charge of the batteries decreased. In view of the test data in the new S Plaid, this seems unlikely. To show such a constant performance after 40-quarter miles and then at the 41. Run with an almost empty battery on the quarter mile under 10 seconds evidence that the Model S Plaid is nothing less than a "monster", it continues.

The best mid -range electric cars: Tesla Model 3 & Co in the test

For long electric cars were considered unaffordable luxury toys or unsuitable, tiny eco-danger. But at the latest since the success of Tesla’s mid-range electric car Model 3 it is clear: everyday electric cars with good long-distance range not have to be much more expensive than comparable mid-range burners like the 3 Series BMW. There are now a lot of competition in the electric middle class. Site tested and compared all relevant mid-range electric cars.

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    Proper fun car if the tiresome battery would not be. I am interested in how often the battery … that takes part in the service life. As much as I like to drive such cars, I still don’t want to sit in there. I have too much information about the possibilities of the battery band. I don’t want to sit on it. If the ignition, it wouldn’t even be a spin seat fast enough.

  2. That’s how it looks….
    Somehow tiring and boring, the eternal acceleration orgies of these rockets. Does someone actually believe that this is a purchase argument ??? You have to be able to afford it and above all also have a charging option. If you have both, you have to want it and the question comes to the end of the manufacturer and model. And there are certainly alternatives to the electricity from America !


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