NewMotion: 5.000 km in a piece with just one charging card

NewMotion: 5.000 km in a piece with just one charging card-charging

From 2009 to March 2019, it took the brand of 100 to NewMotion.000 Loading points could crack. For the next 100.00 Charging points it was used just two years. Another 50.000 are followed in just six months. This is now possible that E motorists are over 5.000 kilometers long range from North to Southern Europe on a piece only with the Newmotion or Shell Recharge Loading card and app can cover.

The 50 necessary for the neighborhoods.000 charging points have been secured by new roaming agreements with four partners in four European countries. Included are: Becharge (Italy) 3.800 charging points, Wenea (Spain) 320 charging points, and Spirii (Denmark) 580 charging points and the Mobi.E Network (Portugal) 3.700 charging points. With this partnership, NewMotion strengthens its own position on the market and the trend that still the majority of drivers used several loading cards for the shop. A fact that you want to simplify.

In fact, almost two-thirds (59%) of the E motorists have two charging cards or more. With the additional roaming partnerships, the NewMotion network now offers access to public charging points from Nuorgam in the north of Finland to Modica in southern Italian Sicily. These more than 5.000 kilometers long route can now return with an electric car and a single newmotion or shell recharge charging card. The card allows easy access to numerous charging points along the route.

“The connection of another partner to the NewMotion network is a huge step forward for drivers throughout Europe. With easy access to charging points, it is easier to reach southern European countries like Italy and Portugal from anywhere in Europe. With our new partnerships in existing markets and additional countries, we enable E motorists on the go. Easy access to charging infrastructure.”- Melanie Lane, CEO of NewMotion

NewMotion leads out that the availability of public charging infrastructure is crucial for switching to electric driving. With its own commitment to network expansion, the company offer E-Motorists a poet shop network with extensive interoperability. In turn contributes to the fact that the rich bidding is degraded under E motorists.

The importance of public charging infrastructure is known to Newmotion, which is why one invests in this area. The proportion of E-motorists in Germany is 21.4% at the moment. However, numerous electric drivers can not charge a loading point at home (33.3%) and 15% have no charging option in the workplace, as evidenced by eV Driver Survey 2021. Thereby there is a high demand for publicly accessible charging infrastructure, such as public charging points on the roadside, charging options on retail locations and fast charging stations for the shop on the go.

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4 thoughts on “NewMotion: 5.000 km in a piece with just one charging card”

  1. The NewMotion Charging Card (I believe is yes since some time Shell Recharge or SO) is in my car. So as a not nail. The prices are unfortunately absolutely opaque, variable and expensive. Frequently, the kWh price will come a time for a time as well as a starting fee for the charging process. That’s why I’ve never used the thing.

    The future should be just loaded via plug&Charge and billing directly via a billing method stored at the manufacturer. That’s just as much easier like everything else.

  2. Only when there are not only enough and acceptable fast charging points in Europe, but I’m already in the entrance to a charging park or (as currently often often) to a gas station with a few in the back corner hidden and bad charging points in equally large letters Reproded, what the kWh costs me as the fuel is the case, the e-mobility will prevail in the broad population! (Of course you have to do with the vehicle prices.) Current wild growth and initially completely missing state framework guidelines (was “new territory” for our blazing politicians like this comic “Internet”) has prepared the ground for a harshstring tower, regional monopolies and asocial shock prices for trademarks. Who is still surprised that D has missed his planned expansion goals in e-mobility crashing?

  3. The NewMotion charging card I only use as a backup, because often the prices are too high. The Evu’s scoots, like Z.B. Innogy, Stadtwerke, etc. The ADAC charging card (EnBW) is still the best in my view.


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