NewMotion becomes Shell Recharge Solutions

NewMotion becomes Shell Recharge Solutions-becomes

Charging provider NewMotion announces that it will be renamed Shell Recharge Solutions along with its US counterpart Greenlots. The companies are thus taking the next step on the way to an international, integrated range of charging solutions. The rebranding is to be implemented at the beginning of 2022 and will combine Shell‘s international range of charging solutions under one identity. This is intended to support the company’s goal of enabling cleaner mobility – at home, at work and on the road.

“In the coming decade, the spread of e-cars will increase significantly around the world. According to estimates, at least 125 million electric vehicles will be on the roads by 2030. Currently it’s only 10 million,” says NewMotion CEO Melanie Lane. In order to meet the demands of drivers during this sharp increase, an end-to-end approach to charging infrastructure is important. “By making charging easier and investing in smart technologies, we are enabling the widespread switch to EVs and moving towards a zero-carbon world.”

“With the forthcoming change of name, Shell is expanding its capacity and range of charging solutions from a regional to an international level. We are unifying our brand, people and capabilities across Europe, Asia and North America to ensure we can offer our customers the EV charging solutions they need,” said Roger Hunter, Vice President Shell Electric Mobility.

Shell Recharge Solutions benefits from NewMotion‘s experience in home charging and roaming services. Greenlots’ expertise lies in charging networks and fleet services. Together with the Shell Recharge fast charging network, a simpler range of charging solutions for e-cars is to be created. The team wants to continue to offer innovative solutions, such as the first battery storage system at a Shell gas station, which enables fast charging despite low grid capacity.

As Shell Recharge Solutions, the company continues to support customers in their transition to e-mobility. The company distributes Shell Recharge hardware and software solutions for home and work. In addition, Shell Recharge offers a public charging network and white label solutions.

After the renaming, Shell Recharge Solutions aims to benefit from NewMotion‘s rapid expansion in Europe. Compared to the previous year, the roaming network in Germany alone has grown by 94 percent. In the UK, year-on-year growth is as much as 265 percent. Shell Recharge Solutions installs a new charging station every 20 minutes and currently operates more than 80.000 charging points. By the year 2025, this number should rise to 500.000 grow. By bringing its offerings together under one identity, Shell Recharge Solutions aims to best leverage its existing potential and drive further innovation for a faster energy transition.

Going forward, Shell Recharge Solutions can also build on its recent partnerships with brands such as LeasePlan, BMW and Aldi. In addition, the company recently reached a milestone: The charging network offers access to more than 250.000 public charging points in more than 35 European countries.

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