Newmotion breaks up brand of 200.000 charging points

Newmotion breaks up brand of 200.000 charging points-breaks

From 2009 to March 2019, it took the brand of 100 to NewMotion.000 Loading points could crack. For the next 100.00 Charging points it was used just two years. A sign for what speed the e-mobility industry is growing. The continuous growth of the Newmotion-operated shop network helps to achieve the goal issued by Shell, in 2025 500.To operate 000 charging points.

Shell has introduced its strategy for accelerating the transformation into a provider of emission-free energy products and services in mid-February 2021. By 2050 you want to achieve climate neutrality. For this purpose, it is reinforced to the upcoming E-offensive. Shell itself wool until 2025 the number of own charging points from then 60.000 to 500.000 increase 000. Say, in just a good one month are already 40 alone.000 new charging points added. Surely supported by the acquisition of UBITRICITY.

“E cars are always widespread. It is clear to us that E motorists want to be sure that they are not caught cold during a ride and their cargo goes out. By further expanding our roaming network through cooperations with well-known partners, we combat the range fear and ultimately improve interoperability across Europe. We continue to search for partners who offer an open network and who want to make the loading of e-cars for drivers as easy as possible. In addition, you should share our endeavor, our Europe-wide shop network in the next few years on well over 200.Expand 000 charging points.”- Melanie Lane, CEO of NewMotion

NewMotion leads out that the availability of public charging infrastructure is crucial for switching to electric driving. With its own commitment to network expansion, the company offer E-Motorists a poet shop network with extensive interoperability. In turn contributes to the fact that the rich bidding is degraded under E motorists. Stand today NewMotion works for this with more than 200 roaming partners together. Thus, one continues to pursue the goal that everyone can cover as many kilometers as possible with clean energy.

More than 395.000 Registered drivers already rely on the newmotion charging card or app for seamless shop. Nevertheless, an average E motorist is currently still using more than two charging cards. To change that, nothing leads to roaming partnerships. Open networks are possible with you, within which drivers can use the loading services of different providers with just one card.

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2 thoughts on “Newmotion breaks up brand of 200.000 charging points”

  1. The problem with New Motion is that the user usually does not know what costs come to him. The evil surprise comes with the bill. I had to pay incredible 4 euros per kWh when I loaded the NewMotion card at a charging point of the Stadtwerke Munich. That was certainly a technical or a billing error and it is already a few time.

    The great: of course I have reclaimed. The Stadtwerke said to have calculated only the tariff applicable to you, New Motion announced, only required to have asked what the stadtwerke had billed + a small roaming contribution.

    Conclusion: The bill has remained and with my recalms I remained unsuccessful. The drive from my place of residence to Munich would have been cheaper by taxi. With charging columns of Eon I went similar. Since then I have not used New Motion anymore.
    So far my experiences with New Motion.

    Whatever is missing, with all suppliers is a transparent pricing.

  2. I use the charging card from EnBW as ADAC member and pay 0.29 € for AC and 0.38 € for DC. Have to download everywhere. Billing takes place monthly. In the app, I H can track my charging history. I would be interested if that is also possible at New Motion.


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