NewMotion launches calibration law-compliant charging points

NewMotion launches calibration law-compliant charging points-newmotion

NewMotion, Europe’s largest provider of intelligent charging solutions for electric cars, is now launching charging points that comply with calibration law. Because these were certified in Germany by the Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies (VDE). In the future, NewMotion will be able to position itself on the market as one of the few certified charging point operators that offers charging points for electric vehicles that comply with calibration law and enables verifiable, legally compliant billing.

Charging points that comply with calibration law are relevant for the end consumer in that they are able to check whether the amount of energy listed in the bill is correct. This does not necessarily apply to your own meter at home, which is only used by yourself. However, if the charging points are used by guests, where guests can also buy electricity, then it must be ensured that the charging point is compliant with calibration law.

NewMotion‘s calibration law-compliant charging points allow users full transparency, as required by German legislation.“ – Klaus Schmidt-Dannert, General Manager for Germany at NewMotion

Charging points with guest access are both private and (semi-)public charging points, for example in public parking lots, on company premises or in apartment buildings. NewMotion charging points come in three variants: Business Pro View and Business Lite View for corporate locations, and Home Advanced View for private users.

The provider of intelligent charging solutions differentiates between the first two variants, which offer functions for business customers that comply with calibration law and allow guests to charge for a fee. The Home Advanced View model for private households enables automatic reimbursement of charging costs for company car drivers who charge their company car at home.

Since all three variants are charging points that comply with calibration law, their users can allow fee-based guest use with billing based on kWh consumption, allow charging fees to be reimbursed, check the details of the charging process, including kWh consumption, on the charging point display, and Compare measured values on the bill with the registered meter data.

We remember in October 2017 Shell caused a stir when they announced the takeover of the mobility service provider NewMotion. At the time, he had no fewer than 50.000 charging stations throughout Europe and, by its own admission, has the largest charging network in Europe. In mid-March 2019, Newmotion was the first supplier of the industry more than 100.000 charging points in its roaming charging network.

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