Newmotion: Shop network includes more than 100.000 charging points

Newmotion: Shop network includes more than 100.000 charging points-shop

In October 2017 Shell caused a look at the takeover of the Mobility Service Provider NewMotion. At that time, this had no less than 50.000 charging stations throughout Europe and own statement according to the largest shop law in Europe.

In mid-March, NewMotion proclaims that the first supplier of the industry more than 100.000 charging points in his roaming shop network has. You can only operate this network in public charging points because you work together with more than 200 roaming partners in 28 European countries.

Furthermore, you can see more than 170.000 Registered user of the charging card from NewMotion Back. The charging card enables international, seamless invoice processing with VAT per country. Both companies and private electric drivers throughout Europe are permitted a transparent and simple load experience.

“Our goal is to continuously improve the experience for E motorists through the expansion of our network throughout Europe. In principle, e-mobility, charging infrastructure and services must always be designed for the highest efficiency with experienced partners. With our partners and all e-motorists in view we will continue to develop new and better services in the coming years.”- Sytse Zuidema, CEO of NewMotion

Using the shop network as well as other intelligent services of NewMotion, electric motorists can recharge their vehicle at home, during work and on the road without difficulty. Private persons and companies will thus make the change to clean means of transport as easily as possible.

In addition to the acquisition of the largest European charger of charging columns, Shell participated in the Joint Venture Ionity of the car manufacturer BMW, Daimler, Ford and Volkswagen. In the course of this partnership, by the end of 2020, 80 is first equipped 80 the largest shell highway stations with 350 kW fast load columns.

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2 thoughts on “Newmotion: Shop network includes more than 100.000 charging points”

  1. Add to that the huge retention of the private wallbox (meanwhile for Ca. 650 Euro plus. Ca. 900 Euro installation costs) and the price will fall rapid.

    It becomes a neighborhood sharing of wallboxes everyday life and then the PV system to the supplier of the sharing network. This can then be used without a network connection for exclusive self-consumption = no EEG surcharge.

    The enforcement of this knowledge in the sales argument chain of the systems will also lead to strengthening motivation E-drive vehicles.

    Aldi, Lidl, Supermarkets, Parkinghouses in City-Layers, Market Square Parking Everywhere, the charging stations like mushrooms shoot out of the asphalt.

    The environment has won.


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