Next.e.Go closes over $ 57 million financing round

Next.e.Go closes over $ 57 million financing round-financing

Next.e.Go Mobile SE, the German manufacturer of electric vehicles, successfully completed a Series C financing round of 57 million US dollars. This is intended to serve the production of own E.Build GO LIFE platform. In addition, the company wants to promote the development of additional models and offer customers unique added value as the battery exchange.

The round of financing, where both existing and new investors participate, enables E.Go to accelerate its aspirations to redesign urban electromobility. As the company gives understanding, the financing round also underlines the confidence of investors in the successful development of E.GO and the progress made by the company on the way to one of the few independent western companies for electric vehicles, which are actually in production and deliver vehicles to customers.

“We are very happy about the success of Series-C financing, but above all about the confidence of our investors. The team of E.Go is more determined to promote urgently needed change towards emission-free urban mobility by offering a unique electric vehicle.”- Ali Vezvaei, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Next.e.Go Mobile SE

Further backgrounds: Even before the E.Go Life in Germany runs from the band, plans were loud that the compact stromer is also manufactured in Mexico. All this happens in the future without the founder of the Aachen Electrobauer E.Go Gunther shoe. Because this leaves the company and concentrate on his teaching activities. This development comments on the company that is concentrated on the process of a possible IPO. In addition, the company moves to Bulgaria to build a production there.

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6 thoughts on “Next.e.Go closes over $ 57 million financing round”

  1. Use the capital at least for a contemporary, three-phase loader so that you do not block the charging column in the city half a day?

  2. Whether he ever comes ?? Me reminds me of the project on Loremo or Cargolifter where many have lost a lot of money and had a few afterwards the bags full.

  3. Since then, even a press release emerges, which is distributed when a co-worker was successful on the corporate instructor, the other death-wealthy copy. As a self-defense, I developed the “5 to 2” rule: a start-up with more than five messages in the month does not exist anymore in two years.

  4. Sad until the E-GO is ready, the ID will also be.1 be on the market. And maybe the Tesla Model 2.
    The Dacia Spring already has 30% more battery capacity, CCS and 4 doors.
    So unfortunately that will not.

  5. Already sad, these arrogers betterwisser who reflect each concept only on their own small, German provincial worldview &# 128578;

    The world is great and the markets different.
    as well as the needs of people and fleet operators.

    Whether the ego becomes a success, no idea, but the concept is highly interesting for many applications, unless it can be produced


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