Nikola and Proterra agree on battery partnership for electric trucks

Nikola and Proterra agree on battery partnership for electric trucks-agree

Nikola Corporation, a provider of zero-emission transportation and infrastructure solutions, and electric utility vehicle manufacturer Proterra have entered into a strategic, multi-year supply agreement. According to a recent announcement, Nikola’s hydrogen and electric trucks will be equipped with Proterra‘s battery technology in the future: Proterra batteries are planned to be integrated into the Nikola Tre battery electric vehicle (BEV) and the Tre fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV). to get integrated.

Nikola’s first saddle tractors with Proterra batteries are expected to be produced in the fourth quarter 2022 in series. From the second quarter 2022 Proterra wants to supply prototype systems to Nikola first. “Truck play an important role in the US and the global economy, but today are some of the worst causes of CO2 emissions. The decarbonization of the truck industry is the core of the mission of Proterra. We are pleased to accompany Nikola on this journey to make a heavy-duty truck emission-free, “says Gareth Joyce, CEO of Proterra.

“With the growing demand for Nikola Tre Bev and FCEV, we actively pursued the battery supply through a dual-source strategy,” says Mark Russell, Nikola CEO. Who is the second mentioned battery supplier of Nikola, is not known. Russell continued, “We look forward to working with Proterra, who will bring industry-leading, high-performance battery solutions to Nikola‘s battery and fuel cell platforms.”

Last December, Nikola delivered its first battery-electric trucks in the USA to the logistics company Total Transportation Services (TSSI), which serves the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in California. The port of Hamburg with up to 25 battery trucks is to become Nikola’s pilot customer in Europe this year. The Nikola Tre is manufactured by Iveco in Ulm for the European market.

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  1. That with greetings to the prophets: the Nikola is already being built. Like the Rivian. So the enemies are all in the market, while he will have nothing to oppose the whole of 2022.


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