Nikola: biggest single order over 2.500 electric garbage car scancelt

Nikola: biggest single order over 2.500 electric garbage car scancelt-single

Nikola Corporation announced shortly before Christmas that Nikola and Republic Services have finished their cooperation in the development of refuse vehicles. Only in August 2020 was announced that Nikola was the largest single order over 2.500 electrically powered garbage truck has received by Republic Services. With an option the order to 5.Expand 000 copies. But this is nothing.

How to understand the start-up in the current message was the goal of collaboration to develop and build an industry’s first fully integrated refuse vehicle based on an emission-free battery electric drive platform and body and at the same time several new systems into a new state-of-the-art vehicle integrated. However, it is so that after intensive cooperation and examination was found that the combination of different new technologies and design concepts would lead to a longer development time than expected and to unexpected costs. On the basis of this realization, they have decided to end cooperation on the joint project.

“This was the right decision for both companies given the necessary resources and investments. We support and respect the commitment of Republic Services to achieve environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions for your customers. Nikola continues to focus on the implementation of our battery-electric and fuel cell-powered commercial vehicles and the energy infrastructure that supports them.”- Nikola-CEO Mark Russell

Another setback for the company that had to accept a lot this year. Nevertheless, it is that Nikola have set up a timetable, which provides for the delivery of battery-electric Nikola traumatic tractors in the US in 2021. Nikola also plans the first groundbreaking ceremony for its first commercial hydrogen filling station in 2021. The company’s fuel cell electric saddle tractors are produced from 2023 in the Nikola factory in Coolidge, Arizona,.

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5 thoughts on “Nikola: biggest single order over 2.500 electric garbage car scancelt”

  1. The obvious spiral down further turns, more and more “partners” have to recognize this and make a big step back. Hardly any promised technology is available and must first be developed expensive or simply purchased.
    But really amazing how many companies have fallen in such a part of simply avoided construct.
    Maybe this is also the consequences of the overesting technology turnaround, where the companies whose old business breaks away, are looking for new revenue sources.

  2. Electric trucks are not produced for the time being in larger quantities, which has 3 reasons:

    1) Lithium-ion batteries are still too expensive and too heavy for the long distance. Here is probably one of the new battery generation for more favorable prices and less weight.

    2) First, the ecostrom must be removed significantly, otherwise the many E-trucks drive predominantly with coal and nuclear power and it is politically (EU-wide) rather on nuclear power plant construction and a continuation of old carbon power plants.

    3) Also hydrogen trucks are no option, because for them, for example, the 3-fold amount of green electricity is needed when the H2 truck should be “green” and that is even more difficult in the current expansion pace.

    So the E-trucks will be a niche product in short-distance traffic for the time being. If Tesla is still waiting, then the meaning makes, after all, truck transport needs to expect – economically and ecological.

  3. The entry into fuel cells in the area of waste vehicles is quite useful for the beginning in my view, here is a lot of performance in short-distance operation. Such operating conditions are very helpful for testing and development. The Nicola is no longer possible to play along the products already available on the market, which will certainly continue. Faun is a great player here and has great ambitions, there will be little time for development and investors are often skeptical for a startup.

  4. What should that please ???
    It is but on the basis of all physicists we need 40% conventional power plants in the future to compensate for failures and voltage peaks, which will never come to green electricity. Even a storage (11 terrain) will never be possible (max. 1.6 Terrawatt) What also falls flat.

    Through the required 3-subject supply and thus triple surcharge of the operating costs, the operation, as well as the costs increase and increase and have already arrived at the business factor X2.

    Have fun with the daydreams


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