Nikola receives massive order over 2.500 electrically powered garbage trucks

Nikola receives massive order over 2.500 electrically powered garbage trucks-massive

The electric vehicle manufacturer Nikola Motors, specializing in the development and production of trucks with battery and fuel cell drives, has only recently become its financial results for the 2. Quarter 2020 expresses. Shortly thereafter, the greatest individual order is now for the company. The speech is from 2.500 Electrically powered garbage truck for sale by Republic Services. With an option the order to 5.Expand 000 copies.

This order should start 2023 with the complete production delivery, whereby the tests on the road are expected to begin early 2022. It is expected that the garbage cars will have up to 720 kWh energy storage and bring a corresponding range with them. Trevor Milton, Founder and CEO of Nikola, sees the order as extremely positive. Especially since it comes from one of the most stable markets, the waste market,.

“The powertrain of Nikola Tre is ideal for the waste market, as it uses the same batteries, controls, inverters and E-axes. By sharing the TRE platform, we can reduce the cost of both programs as we use the same parts. You could not choose a better partner as Republic Services, a leading company in the field of long-term environmental compatibility and customer service. Republic Services will help us to ensure that the Nikola Tre meets the requirements of the customers and the fleet across the entire life cycle, and we are pleased to share them on the design process.”- Trevor Milton, Founder and CEO of Nikola

Product development is on the right way to comply with the specified schedule for the production start of the battery truck Nikola Tre in the fourth quarter 2021. The first units are manufactured at the German plant in Ulm, where reconstruction are currently taking place. This also benefits Republic Services, the second largest provider of recycling and festival waste in the USA,. Together with Nikola, you will secure your own reputation as an industry leader in providing environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions for its customers.

“This is a completely new approach,” said Mark Russell, CEO of Nikola. “Dust cart customers have always ordered chassis at truck OEMs and superstructures for other suppliers. Nikola has completely integrated the chassis and the construction and covers both with a single factory warranty. The trucks will include both automated side loaders and front loaders – all will be emission-free.”

The software for the powertrain is set to 1.000 HP Be limited and is expected to exceed the current diesel and natural gas competitors. The new platform can equip garbage vehicles with almost three times as high as natural gas and diesel vehicles and gives the operators the possibility to easily drive up hills with full load – a challenge to whose solution manufacturers have worked by natural gas vehicles.

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5 thoughts on “Nikola receives massive order over 2.500 electrically powered garbage trucks”

  1. Amazing how fast Nikola has passed from the hydrogen. Sure, you will continue to pursue that for long-distance traffic, but it shows that the battery is more economical, and that thousands of trucks come up with a battery charge.
    The message also shows that Tesla has set in my opinion to the wrong horse. On long-distance is a BEV a problem, but most trucks ride only in the circle and deliver in the near area, or collect the garbage again. The Tesla Semi is unsuitable because he is too big. Tesla would probably have thought better about a truck, which makes sense with the current battery technology.

    Nikola is probably much more flexible.

  2. I think the Tesla certainly continues …
    Solar energy is really unlimited available … because if the way is we all have a completely different problem.
    And the pure logic tells me that energy directly transformed into drive energy to transform less losses with themselves than this energy to convert only 2 times ..
    Basically, I find both drive types make sense, especially in long-distance traffic.

    What I would always question ..
    How much hydrogen is available in our environment.
    He will certainly not be indefinitely available ..

    If you thought the oil, this unlimited availability …

    It remains exciting

  3. Truck is not car. Since the egg of the Columbus is not found yet. Batteries are still a weight problem and H2 an etconomic. But both are environmentally friendly.


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