Nikola Tre: Hamburger Harbor relies on E-truck from USA

Nikola Tre: Hamburger Harbor relies on E-truck from USA-relies

Nikola wanted to take a worldwide leadership role in emission-free transport. So far, this has not folded so flawlessly. In mid-September 2021, the company now hits paths that she should bring to the right track. So Iveco, the commercial vehicle brand of CNH Industrial, and Nikola Corporation on the occasion of the inauguration of the Joint Production Center in Ulm, Germany, known that one signed a letter of intent with the Hamburg Port Authority AOr (HPA). The agreement provides for cooperation in two phases comprising up to 25 Battery Electric Nikola Tre Vehicles (BEV), which are to be delivered to the harbor during 2022.

First of all, it is planned that the Nikola Tre is used in the harbor area for transport and logistics operation to test him accordingly. In the second phase of the project partnership, the full integration of the electric trucks in the port operation, the installation of the charging infrastructure and the on-site service is provided involving the most important suppliers. To mention is that E-trucks from the USA are used, which can be used with special permits for the harbor operation.

“Hamburg pursues the goal of becoming climate-friendly in the EU’s long-term strategy to become climate-friendly by 2050. The focus of the port is to take a pioneering role in the application of technical innovations as a pilot case. We see a great fit between our requirements and the truck, which are now built here in Ulm to achieve our goals, “said Jens Meier, chairman of the management of the Hamburg Port Authority. From Nikola, one manifests itself, traceable, as positive about the cooperation.

Nikola CEO Mark Russell, gave to understand that you also work in the United States in a similar program. “These types of trend-setting agreements underpin the global change towards an emission-free future,” says Russell. In addition, Germany’s largest seaport is also the perfect place to demonstrate the performance and competitiveness of the Nikola Tre.

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2 thoughts on “Nikola Tre: Hamburger Harbor relies on E-truck from USA”

  1. There is the innovative American company with his Future Truck. How again this other American company, which since 2017 wanted to bring a truck with electric drive on the road? Muhahaha …

  2. The trucks of Nikola are built in Ulm and delivered to the USA for a well-known beer brewer, according to the video of the German wave of 16.09.2021 – Why does Nikola do not build in the USA?

    Probably there was no stupid, who wanted to spend money for Nikolas truck production, although American investors are considered risk-to-risk.

    But named Iveco in the back has found at least a well-known beer brewer in the US as truck buyers and now probably also the Hamburg Port Authority AOOr (HPA).

    Criticism of Tesla, because there is no Semi Trucks, is not appropriate, as the other truck manufacturers produce more in homeopathic dose and do not achieve any significant sales figures in the next few years, so Tesla can still leave some time.

    Tesla Semi: Market start only in 2022 – three years later than originally planned


    (Source: Electric car news.Net – 28. Jul 2021)

    The train is not left for Tesla because the e-train is not yet retracted in the station. So far, only a few test wagons pushed from the subsidy locomotive has passed the train station.


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