Nikola wants to bring emission-free trucks to Europe with a new partner

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Nikola wants to bring emission-free trucks to Europe with a new partner-nikola

With its fuel cell truck, which is to be introduced in 2022, Nikola wants to bring the “iPhone” on the road under the heavy truck. Hydrogen technology has several advantages over diesel trucks and purely electrical concepts. Corresponding capital, knowledge and contacts you have with a strategic and exclusive partnership with CNH Industrial N.V. secured.

CNH Industrial activity 250 million. USD heavy participation in Nikola

CNH Industrial will take a strategic stake of $ 250 million in Nikola as a leading series of Series D. The evaluation before the investment ratio was set to three billion US dollars. Nikola expects to be raised in the D-Round over a billion US dollars.

However, the partnership with CNH Industrial goes beyond pure capital. Thus, the commercial vehicle and powertrain brands of CNH Industrial, Iveco and FPT Industrial, in the industrialization of Nikolas fuel cell and battery trucks are supported by their technical and manufacturing expertise.

“It’s time to finally offer an emission-free solution for the market of heavy duty trucks. While other OEMs believe that emission-free solutions are not possible in the time frames given by the regulators, Nikola, FPT Industrial and Iveco prove that these schedules are not inappropriate.”- Trevor Milton, Chief Executive Officer of Nikola Corporation

Nikola Two, a fuel cell truck for the North American market, should be delivered like the Nikola One from the coming year. In both hydrogen trucks, a 735 kW of heavy electric drive is installed, which pulls its power from a 320 kWh big battery. Thanks to the great hydrogen tanks, the range of the two H2 trucks is up to 1900 kilometers.

For the European markets Nikola Motors wants to produce the clearly brave designed Nikola Tre from 2022, manufacturing should be done in Europe. Concrete technical data for this model remained Milton, CEO of Nikola, but guilty to the reach

Nikola will contribute technologies to a European joint venture with CNH Industrial, including industry-leading fuel cell know-how, e-axis, inverter, single-wheel suspension, hydrogen storage on board, software update functionality over the air, infotainment, vehicle control, vehicle Zu-station communication protocols, power electronics and access to a hydrogen tanker network.

CNH Industrial: Fuel cell technology as the next logical step towards natural gas

FPT Industrial and Iveco were instrumental in the development and expansion of the European natural gas fragment network and have successfully introduced new drive technologies. On a similar way, Nikola actively cooperates with partners to develop the required hydrogen frugal infrastructure in North America and Europe. From these collected experiences of the three brands, the products of Nikola should benefit.

“The increasing focus on the realization that the emissions of motor vehicles must be fundamentally reduced, our industry is driving to quickly search for advanced technological solutions. Iveco is now able to offer customers an even broader range of transport solutions, including natural gas, electric and fuel cell vehicles.”- Hubertus Muhlhauser, Chief Executive Officer by CNH Industrial

Strategic short-term project milestones are the industrialization of the Nikola Two fuel cell stacker of class 8 for the North American market as well as the integration of Iveco S-way truck technology into the battery electric powered Nikola Tre Cab-Over model for the North American and European market.

In the long run, together a European Community company will be launched, which will set both battery electric vehicles (BEV) as well as fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV). Their market launch is pilated until the end of 2022. Nikola plans to use the European sales, service and warranty channels of Iveco to accelerate access to the European market.

Milton gives understanding in this context that it is exciting, “that Iveco by partnership with Nikola takes over the lead in providing emission-free solutions in Europe.”However, he also sees the advantage of benefiting from Nikola from the new strategic partnership.

You should also mention that the German automotive supplier MAHLE also works with Nikola. Mahle supports Nikola in developing her fuel cell truck “Nikola Two” . The American company picks up at the Nikola Two on the thermal management of MAHLE. The Stuttgart system specialist is development partner and supplier for the complete cooling and air conditioning system of fuel cell trucks.

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  1. Then ask the politicians of the last 40 years corrupted by the oil mafia!
    Bosch has introduced us in the study the fuel cell in 1969.
    At that time it was assumed that the fuel cell in the car in Ca. 20 years could be introduced?
    In German submarines (all everything has to be 300% sure), the fuel cell is installed and the reason that it is an export hit.
    That we – as a hight-tech land – has not long been the hydrogen as an energy source, energy storage etc. have advanced, M.M. According to the discouragement of the German entrepreneurs and the visionless and corrupt politicians.
    There are already cars and buses with fuel cells in Korea.


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