NIO and JAC renew production contract & expand capacity

NIO and JAC renew production contract & expand capacity-expand

Recently, Nio was involved in Neo Park, which as a huge industrial park with focus on e-mobility, near the Chinese city of Hefei is involved. Attached there is a separate NIO production line to put the legs. Until the time has come, it should take a little bit. Certainly a reason that NIO continues to secure the production capacities of Jianghuai Automobile Group Co (JAC).

NIO has extended its production contract with JAC from May 2021 to May 2024. The latter will continue to produce Jac the ES8, ES6, EC6, ET7 and possibly further NIO models, shared Chinese e-car manufacturers listed in the USA last Monday. Jac becomes his annual production capacity to 240.Expand 000 units (calculated on the basis of 4.000 working hours per year) to satisfy the growing demand for NIO vehicles, so the company in a statement.

William Li, founder, chairman and CEO of Nio, said at the end of April that the production capacity of the NIO manufacturing facility in Hefei is now 400 units per day, and based on 25 working days per month, the monthly production capacity 10 can.Reach 000 units. At the moment you are at a maximum of 7.500 electricity per month reaches what is due to the missing chips and batteries in the manufacturer’s supply chain.

This means that the system is currently a maximum annual capacity of 120.Has 000 units. According to the most recent agreement between NIO and JAC, the capacity of 240 means.000 units per year a doubling. The agreement was signed by NIO with JAC and Jianglai Advanced Manufacturing Technology (Anhui) Co, a joint venture between Jac and Nio, where NIO is involved with 49 percent.

NIO will be responsible for vehicle development and engineering, supply chain management, manufacturing technology as well as quality management and quality assurance, while Jianglai will be responsible for the partial assembly and operational management. It is also the fact that the new agreement will enable NIO to benefit from economies of scale and efficiency in production in the future.

Finally, rumors came up to a second production site, which Jac wanted to use Nio Stromer. There is a possibility that this happens in Neo Park in China, the new e-mobility stroke, where NIO is massively involved. Maybe Nio will put this production line alone on the legs.

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