NIO can once again record growth in the E-Auto Paragraph in April

NIO can once again record growth in the E-Auto Paragraph in April-april

In January 2020, the Chinese start-up Nio had to accept a damper with regard to admission numbers. Also in February shows a unchanged picture. Paired with the challenges of the coronavirus crisis, this leads to a significant doubt as to whether the company can be continued. In March 2020 then a first breathe, with easing “after” Covid-19 in China seemed to rise the sales figures, a picture which is similar in April 2020 similar to.

This e-auto sales growth coupled with the notification that the Chinese electric car manufacturer has announced, 7 billion Chinese yuan (about 900 million euros) have received from strategic investors to maintain and expand its business activities. Leave hope for the continuation of their activities. Let’s first consider the numbers. This shows that NIO in April 3.155 vehicles could deliver. If this paragraph is added compared to the previous month, growth of 105.8 percent show. In direct comparison at the same period of the previous year, growth is even 180.7 percent.

The deliveries consisted of 2.907 ES6, the company’s 5-seater electric high-performance premium SUV, and 248 ES8, the company’s 7-seater electric high-performance premium SUV and its 6-seater variant. For April 2020, the delivery of the completely new ES8 was already planned to begin. As already announced, the company has on 19. April 2020 with the delivery of the brand new ES8 started, which, in addition to a facelift also with 180 technical improvements and innovations. Cumulative considered the ES8 and ES6 to 38.906 delivered vehicles, of which 6.993 were discontinued in 2020.

William Bin Li, founder and CEO of NIO, to understand the following: “In April we reached monthly ES6 deliveries in record levels since June 2019, and also the delivery of the brand new ES8 was well in schedule. These results mainly contributed to the recovering production and delivery capacity. In the meantime, we have recorded a strong growth momentum in the orders driven by the increasing recognition of our competitive products, exceptional services, and in particular through our unique battery change technology.”

Steven Feng, Chief Financial Officer by Nio, also gave insight into the brand’s sales network. Meanwhile, you have 105 outlets in China in operation, which the brand and the products of NIO apply in a growing number of regions and municipalities. “In addition, because of the positive order and delivery dynamics, we continue to strive to further improve our gross margin and operational efficiency,” says Feng conclusively.

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  1. Good luck with such cars. Questions in Malaysia. Nothing want to know that of cars from China. They did not care earlier. Although there are 50% Chinese there, even prefer the domestic product proton with the license engine Mitsubishi or the Tata . But the majority are Japanese.


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