NIO delivered 91 in 2021.429 vehicles from – 2022 sales will continue to grow

NIO delivered 91 in 2021.429 vehicles from - 2022 sales will continue to grow-vehicles

NIO, which it says is a pioneer and a leader in the premium intelligent electric vehicle market, announced its delivery results for December, fourth quarter and full year 2021 in early January. It can be said that NIO will be 91 in 2021.delivered 429 vehicles, a strong increase of 109.1% compared to the previous year.

But let’s first look at December 2021. The Chinese manufacturer achieved 10th place here.489 vehicles, an increase of 49.7% compared to the same period last year. Deliveries included.782 ES8, the brand’s 7-seat electric SUV flagship, 4.939 ES6, the medium-sized SUV, and 2.768 EC6, as NIO calls its SUV coupe. For the entire fourth quarter, it brought NIO to 25.034 vehicles, a new record for a quarter, up 44.3% year-on-year.

In the full year 2021, the Chinese company delivered 91.429 vehicles, a sharp increase of 109.1% compared to the previous year. until 31. As of December 2021, cumulative deliveries of the ES8, ES6 and EC6 reached 167.070 vehicles.

on the 18th. On December 31, 2021, NIO held NIO Day 2021 in Suzhou and unveiled the ET5, a premium mid-size electric sedan with deliveries scheduled to begin in September 2022. The new Limousine ET5 of NIO provided great excitement after its market launch, followed by rumors, after which the model is so popular for the number of pre-orders within two days of the market launch.000 units reached. However, a leader of NIO demonstrated this. Where interest as a direct Tesla model 3 adversaries is great.

In addition, the company is expected to start in March 2022 with the delivery of the ET7, a premium sedan with electric drive. ALSENESSAMT SIGN for the sale of NIO in 2022 to grow significantly stronger than in 2021.

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5 thoughts on “NIO delivered 91 in 2021.429 vehicles from – 2022 sales will continue to grow”

  1. NIO is growing even faster than Tesla.
    Applause Applause for this!

    How fast the old OEMs are growing?
    Toyota? VW? GM? Stellantis? ford? Mercedes? BMW?

    @David: Already again this Whatiboutism questions – they are unpleasant – I know


  2. So Nio is growing fast every year but slower and slower and since most of it is sold in China I find the growth modest. Sales in Norway are still very restrained! Honestly, who needs an ES8 ? And the tests I’ve seen of the ES6 say it consumes 32kw/h at 130km/h on the Autobahn in summer !
    The ET7 and ET5 will definitely be better, since they offer great quality with great features at a very good price, a test on our terms remains to be seen here.
    Everyone can drive the car that best suits them, their driving profile and their account, it doesn’t matter what brand, everyone has different priorities!

  3. Even if NIO is growing, it is weakening.

    In the last two months in particular, the other two well-known Chinese startups Xpeng and Li Auto have sold significantly more cars in China. And that significantly.

    Xpeng even sold more cars over the year as a whole. Li Auto almost equal to Nio.
    However, Xpeng and Li Auto assumed a significantly lower level – but were able to show significantly higher growth rates overall in 2021.

    Perhaps Nio is struggling with a significantly larger chip shortage or other problems in production.

    For example, Xpeng produces its cars in its own factory like Tesla; while Nio has his cars manufactured by suppliers – maybe that’s an explanation.


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