NIO denies rumors about NIO ET5 pre-orders

NIO denies rumors about NIO ET5 pre-orders-rumors

NIO’s new ET5 sedan caused a lot of excitement after its launch, followed by rumors that the model was so popular that the number of pre-orders reached 100 within two days of launch.reached 000 units. However, an executive at NIO denied this. The interest as a direct Tesla Model 3 adversary is great.

“Whether public or private, whether ET7 or ET5, NIO has never published numbers on the orders,” said Ma Lin, NIO’s Senior Director of Corporate Communications, in his WeChat status, about the rumors that are rampant around the pre-orders of the ET5. Ma Lin goes on to say that so-called “industry insiders” should not mislead the public. With the Nio ET5, the Chinese start-up introduces its new electrical middle class sedan, which should step in direct competition to Tesla Model 3. These are your own statement to the previously most compact car of NIO, which connects power with room feel and driving pleasure. Pre-orders are possible now.

In an interview with local media on 19. December gave William Li, founder, chairman and CEO of Nio that the ET5 just presented was the most commonly pre-ordered model of Nio. Li went closer to it, but added that NIO’s annual deliveries in recent years had a 100% growth rate and this pace should be maintained next year.

As a result, rumors circulated on Chinese automotive forums and social media that the number of pre-orders for the NIO ET5 would hit 100.exceeded 000 units. This number has now been denied by NIO, but not classified. A high five-digit number of pre-orders is quite conceivable. In an article published on Sunday, local media outlet Auto-time quoted a NIO salesman as saying he alone had received dozens of orders for the ET5. In China, prices for the ET5 start at around 45.800 euros as well. The Tesla Model 3 adversary will be delivered from September 2022.

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3 thoughts on “NIO denies rumors about NIO ET5 pre-orders”

  1. Why is it that every time a new BEV is presented, you only ever make a reference to Tesla?
    There is talk of the “adversary to the Model 3” or of the new “Tesla hunter” or even “Teslakiller”

    In the category of the ET5 but also lots of vehicles of other manufacturers play a role – you think there only to the Mustang Mach E, or the KIA EV6 or possibly also to a model of the ID series?

    Why are the competitors always seen in competition with the corresponding Tesla in the category to be compared?

    Time will tell – the main thing is electric 😉
  2. Think the Nio looks great and the number of pre-orders is probably an understatement. If it were already in D, I would have at least had an alternative to the Model 3 that I ordered last week.


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