Nio ET7: Chic luxury-class China sedan presented

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Market launch planned for 2022

Nio ET7: Chic luxury-class China sedan presented-chic

The start-up company Nio, founded in 2014, has so far mainly offered electric SUVs: the approximately five-meter-long ES8, the slightly smaller ES6 with its coupe SUV variant EC6. There is also the high-performance EP9 sports car. With the ET7, the Chinese brand is now introducing a 5.10 meter long luxury sedan.

The rather stylish ship has four-wheel drive with a system output of an impressive 480 kW or 653 PS. This means that the car sprints to 100 km / h in 3.9 seconds, which is a tenth longer than the sprint time of the Tesla Model S Long Range. The maximum torque of the ET7 is specified with 850 Newton meters – also very stately.

Picture gallery: Nio ET7 (2022)

Nio ET7: Chic luxury-class China sedan presented-sedan

A permanent-magnet electric motor (PSM) with 180 kW is used at the front, i.e. the more energy-efficient design with permanent magnets. On the other hand, an asynchronous motor (ASM) with 300 kW works on the rear axle. This type of electric motor works with an induced magnetic field instead of permanent magnets. By switching off the current for the magnetic field, the driving resistance of this unit can be reduced to practically zero – good for free sailing if recuperation would be energetically unfavorable.

At the start there are two battery sizes: 70 kWh for 500 kilometers NEDC range and 100 kWh for 700 kilometers. At the end of 2022, Nio wants to add a 150 kWh battery, with which around 1,000 kilometers should be possible. For comparison: The Tesla Model S Plaid "only" manages about 840 kilometers. This battery should work with solid state technology. Interestingly, the batteries can be exchanged afterwards, so you could buy a car with 70 kWh now and later replace it with a solid-state battery.

Inside there is a 10.2-inch instrument display and a 12.8-inch touchscreen (with Amoled technology). Instead of a normal car key, a digital key is used. This is the first to use UWB technology (ultra wide band). This should enable the key (or mobile phone) to be located much more precisely than with conventional technology.

In addition, the ET7 has no fewer than 33 sensors, including eleven cameras, five radar sensors and a lidar scanner on the front edge of the roof. This means that the car should be able to drive autonomously at level 3 or higher, for which, however, a monthly fee of 90 euros is due.

More about the 150 kWh solid-state battery in the ET7: Nio announces solid-state battery with 150 kWh

Nio ET7: Chic luxury-class China sedan presented-chic Nio ET7: The solid-state battery is supposedly from Solid State Lion

The car is expected to hit the market in early 2022, but orders are already possible. Chinese prices start at 448,000 yuan, the equivalent of around 57,000 euros. This makes the car significantly cheaper than the basic Tesla Model S (Long Range) for around 83,000 euros. However, with a range of over 650 km, the Tesla has significantly more range than the basic ET7.

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