NIO grows by 352.1% in January 2021 compared to the previous year

NIO grows by 352.1% in January 2021 compared to the previous year-2021

The emerging Chinese start-up NIO shines early 2021 with convincing numbers. So the company was able to shine in the first month of the year with another monthly delivery record. Nio brought it to 7 at the end of the month.225 E vehicles that have been delivered. Comparing this with the previous year’s sales is a growth of 352.1%.

Looking at the cumulative deliveries of the ES8, ES6 and EC6 to 31. January 2021 shows a total sales of 82.866 vehicles. The 7 delivered in January 7.225 E cars sat down together 1.660 ES8, the company’s 6- and 7-seater flagship, 2.720 ES6, the company’s 5-seater high-performance premium smart electro SUV, and 2.845 EC6, the company’s 5-seater premium electric coupe SUV. Sales of the start-up should be expected further. Especially since their electrical sedan, which was presented in January 2021, was very positively received on the market.

Furthermore, the car manufacturer missed its battery change stations in mid-January 2021 an update. Background: Already in early November 2020, the company offered 70 kWh and 84 kWh battery packs. In mid-November then the info that holds a 100 kWh battery entry into the offer of Nio to further increase the maximum range of NIO vehicles. Already at the end of August we reported that Chinese electric car start-up offers the batteries of his electric cars now also for rent. Just about the aforementioned battery exchange stations.

According to the short description, the new stations with 14 battery sights will be equipped – these contain 13 battery packs and an empty shaft to receive a discharged battery. The station is fully automatic – including automatic parking – and can perform up to 312 battery change per day – three times more than the previous generation.

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