NIO opens its own battery replacement network for other manufacturers

NIO opens its own battery replacement network for other manufacturers-battery

The Chinese e-car startup Nio and the gas station operator Shell recently entered into an exciting cooperation: The two companies have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to, among other things, bring Nio’s battery swapping technology to Europe. But not only the Chinese manufacturer benefits from this. Other automobile manufacturers could also benefit from this.

According to a joint statement, Nio and Shell plan to develop and build a network of co-branded battery swap stations, initially in China and Europe. Other e-vehicles could also exchange their batteries on these. Because the Chinese company has been emphasizing for a good two years that it is open to other automobile manufacturers. As of today, they would be able to participate in 791 battery swapping stations, 629 supercharging stations and 632 target charging stations in China. The future European charging network has not even been taken into account.

Current data from the company shows that other brands charge at NIO charging stations. Earlier this year, NIO reported that 76.6 percent of the energy provided by its charging network was used to power other brands of electric vehicles in 2021. With regard to the possibility of changing the battery, you could also go to the NIO changing stations. For this, however, it is necessary for other car manufacturers to accept the specifications for the chassis design. Because this is what makes the use of the changing stations possible.

“Our battery replacement service is open to the outside world, but we don’t change the size of the packs or the interface. There are a few companies that we have had in-depth discussions with, but the ones you just mentioned are not among them. Changing the battery isn’t as easy as charging it when you plug it straight into the port. Other automakers have to design the chassis to our battery specs, and that takes a lot of determination from them.— William Li, Founder, Chairman and CEO of NIO

Already in mid-December 2021 there were rumors around the entry of other E-automaker such as Xiaomi, Zeekr and Jidu in the battery change network. Their entry was denied by William Li, founder, chairman and CEO of NIO. However, we are in talks with a few other companies. So far, no other car manufacturer has confirmed that they will use NIO’s battery swapping network, but the network will soon be supported by a new brand – the NIO sub-brand.

NIO confirmed in early August last year that the company plans to enter the mass market with a sub-brand, saying the brand is cheaper than Tesla but will outperform their EVs.

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3 thoughts on “NIO opens its own battery replacement network for other manufacturers”

  1. This looks as if the path to the standard exchangeable battery would be taken. This would make it possible for drivers who do not have their own parking space with a charging facility to switch to an e-car without much effort. The possibility of larger battery stores at the exchange stations would make it possible to charge the batteries slowly and in a way that is useful for the grid. Also a feedback to the net would be much easier to connect as many cars with the network. As some time ago, the Chinese set up the standards.

  2. The idea for yourself is good, but unfortunately the other manufacturers will not get involved. That was already in the different video systems in the 80s. At that time, not the technical system could prevail.

  3. Change battery is a very good unique selling point.

    I personally find the Nio ET5 very interesting, and even if I would probably never change my battery as “at home charger”, the concept still gives the buyer big advantages.

    For example, if the driving profile changes, with a self or sale of the vehicle, the battery can be easily exchanged.

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