Nio Q3-2020 Balance Sheet: High Bargain Reserves, New E-Car & Strong Growth

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Nio Q3-2020 Balance Sheet: High Bargain Reserves, New E-Car & Strong Growth-bargain

NIO is now considered a pioneer on China’s market for smart premium electric vehicles. As part of an event, the start-up gave a look at the unaudited financial result for the 3. Quarter 2020 free. As well as an outlook on the future of the company. But first to the hard facts / numbers. In the third quarter of 2020, Nio was able to 12.206 delivered e-cars. Including 8.660 ES6, 3.530 ES8 and 16 EC6, compared with 4.799 delivered vehicles in the third quarter of 2019 and 10.331 delivered vehicles in the second quarter 2020. Growth is thus clearly visible.

NIO: Figures show significant growth and improvement compared to 2019

In US dollars, success shows that sales increase to ~ 628.4 million US dollars in the third quarter 2020. Compared to the same quarter of the previous year, NIO thus increased its turnover by a good 146.10 percent. Compared to the second quarter of 2020, an increase of 22.40 percent was recorded. Positive to see is the fact that the margin per vehicle has also risen. Currently one endorsed at 14.50 percent, in the third quarter of 2019 this was still at -6.80 percent.

This positive development is also reflected in the profit situation of the company. Because there you could see a gross profit of 86.30 million US dollars. This is an increase of ~ 123.20 million US dollars compared to the same period of the previous year. The gross margin was 12.9% in the third quarter of 2020, compared to negative 12.1% in the third quarter of 2019 and 8.4% in the second quarter 2020. It is also possible to reduce the loss of operational business. This currently amounts to around 139.3 million US dollars., What a decline of 60.7% compared to the third quarter of 2019 and 18.4% compared to the second quarter 2020.

The net loss amounted to $ 154.2 million in the third quarter of $ 2020, which corresponds to a decline of 58.5% compared to the third quarter of 2019 and a decline of 11.0% compared to the second quarter 2020. It is also a positive effect that the start-up on cash and cash equivalents, cash resources and short-term investments can rely on around 3.3 billion US dollars when it comes to the further expansion of our own company.

Strong October with further growth in following months

Looking at the full year 2020 shows that the company’s growth is also over 100 percent (+111.4%), with a total of 31.430 E cars that were delivered. The fact will have a positive impact that the start-up has started at the end of September with the delivery of the EC6, which in addition to the ES6 and ES8 should become the sales driver. The deliveries included in October 2.695 ES6, the five-seat high-performance premium smart Electric SUV, 1.477 ES8, the six and seven-seat flagship, the premium smart Electric SUV, and 883 EC6, the company’s five-seat premium electric coupe SUV. To 31. October 2020 reached the cumulative deliveries of the ES8, ES6 and EC6 63.343 vehicles.

“In the third quarter of 2020, we reached a new record high of quarterly deliveries, followed by the best monthly deliveries of 5.055 vehicles in October. In view of the growing market demand for our competitive products, we are motivated to continuously lift production capacity to the next level. We assume that we are in the coming fourth quarter 16.500 to 17.000 vehicles delivered.”- William Bin Li, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer by Nio

The deliveries of vehicles should be between 16.500 and 17.000 vehicles end of the 4. Quarterly 2020 is what an increase of approx. 100.6% to 106.7% compared to the same quarter of 2019 and an increase of approx. 35.2% to 39.3% compared to the third quarter 2020. The total revenue should be between $ 921.8 million and 947.9 million US dollars, which has an increase of approx. 119.7% to 126.0% compared to the same quarter of 2019 and an increase of approx. 38.3% to 42.2% compared to the third quarter 2020.

NIO is increasingly focusing on exchange batteries for e-mobility growth

Antestiance should not be a topic today; But somehow it still plays a role. There it is a fine thing when taking the “small” battery and exchanging for a “larger” battery. Must not directly be a 150 kWh battery; But 100 kWh are also enough. Has probably thought NiO, which on the way to the also mentioned 150 kWh battery bring the intermediate to the road and thus also in already approved vehicles. The NIO e-auto driver may decide whether he wants to upgrade the battery, up to 615 km range are then possible with a battery charge.

“We are pleased to have launched the” Battery AS A Service “(BAAs) and the 100kWH AS A Service” (BAAs) and the 100kWh battery pack with a company’s own thermal management and significant increase in performance. Thanks to our unique battery protection technologies, the innovative BAAS model and comprehensive energy solutions, our users can benefit from lower initial purchase prices for vehicles, flexible battery upgrade options and improved battery performance.”- William Bin Li, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer by Nio

Currently, the company offers 70 kWh and 84 kWh battery packs. Recently, a 100 kWh battery pack has also come to it. Already at the end of August we reported that Chinese electric car start-up offers the batteries of his electric cars now also for rent. With the rental model NIO customers can exclude the financial risk of a battery life or failure and benefit from a steadily growing network of battery exchange stations. In addition, they benefit from technical advancements, for example when new battery generations come on the market. How it is the case with the new battery pack.

NIO works on fifth E-vehicle; Number four celebrates its premiere in January

Although NIO’s fourth model will come to market only in January, the company already speaks about a successor to the vehicle. During the telephone conference from NIO in the third quarter William Li am to understand that Nio will soon be his fourth model, a limousine. Furthermore, the start-up started work on another electrical sedan.

The world premiere of the fourth Stromber from Nio is said to be on the Nio day, on the 9. January 2021, take place in Chengdu. There the NIO EE7 flagship limousine should be revealed. The fourth vehicle of NIO, NIO EE7 instead of the previously called NIO ET7, could be produced in the fourth quarter of the next year in the NIO plant of JAC in the Central Chinese province of Anhui in series.

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