NIO wants to be over 4 to the end of 2025.Building 000 battery change stations

NIO wants to be over 4 to the end of 2025.Building 000 battery change stations-change

In contrast to industry Prime Tesla, the Chinese start-up NIO sets the possibilities of the battery exchange on so-called battery change stations in its E models. At the beginning of October 2020, the company had around 155 battery stations. In June 2021 it is more than 300. The updated plan provides to install a network of 700 stations in China until the end of 2021.

Incidentally, this corresponds to an increase in the expansion of the battery change stations, first was planned to be planned by the end of 2021 over 500 changeover stations. From the end of the year, the start-up wanted to add about 600 stations annually (2022-2025), which a total of about 3.000 Battery change stations will result. With another about 1.000 outside of China will be the total number until the end of 2025 at 4.000.

“In order to offer its fast-growing user base a better electricity service experience, NIO will continue to expand the Nio Power loading and exchange network. This year, Nio raised its goal to install over 700 instead of 500 battery exchange stations by the end of the year. From 2022 to 2025, NIO is committed to installing 600 new battery change stations in China. By the end of 2025, Nio becomes more than 4.000 NIO battery change stations worldwide, of which about 1.000 outside of China.”

Sites NIO is considered that the own loading and exchange system will be fully available for other manufacturers if they are ready to join. In this context, the company explained that in 2025 90% of the users will live less than 3 km from a battery exchange station, compared to 29% today. NIO recently announced that both the NIO Power Swap and the chargers have received CE and TuV certifications and delivered to Norway, the first European export market for NIO. The first changeover station is expected to come to the market in 2022.

“NIO will build its complete electricity service system in Norway. This year, his charging card for Europe and the first four Power Swap Stations are put into operation. In 2022, Nio will build in five cities Norway’s battery change stations.”Currently, the start-up built the Power Swap Station 2 presented in April.0 of the second generation, which can make up to 312 battery replacement operations per day (24 hours).

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1 thought on “NIO wants to be over 4 to the end of 2025.Building 000 battery change stations”

  1. Still a very interesting model, especially for on the go, frequent riders and those who can not give a wallbox their own and park under the street lamp.
    If it is possible to change from a smaller to a large battery, Z.B. To go on long-distance, this is particularly interesting.
    I would be interested in how the billing system looks like what costs arise and how if necessary. Existing residual capacities are charged.
    Above all, the possibility of a fast “refueling”, 13 cars per hour, are a great advantage that does not even reach a burning pillar.
    To complete a BEV otherwise within 5 minutes is still a future, as we have just reached the 800V system technology, and the next step towards the 1500V system will take a while, if it will be implemented without any further.


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