Niobium tungsten oxide is said to enable ultra-fast charging of electric cars

Niobium tungsten oxide is said to enable ultra-fast charging of electric cars-niobium

Researchers from England want to have found a solution to significantly accelerate the ultra-fast charging of electric cars. The magic word is niobium tungsten oxide. If this is used instead of graphite in the anode, the ions are “moving”. The first prototypes of the battery, used in remote-controlled cars and vacuum cleaner robots, are said to be charged to more than 90 percent within just five minutes – and with significantly less heat generation than with conventional lithium-ion batteries.

Responsible for this discovery is the British startup Nyobolt, which was founded by scientists around Claire Gray and Dr. Sai Shivareddy was founded by the University of Cambridge. They presented their progress, which is based on a good ten years of research, at the Falling Walls Science Summit 2021 in Berlin.

As the researchers report, with the new battery chemistry, the temperature rises to a maximum of 40 degrees during fast charging, which prevents premature wear of the battery. The energy density is comparable to standard lithium-ion batteries. And even in terms of durability, the thing looks promising: After hundreds of charging cycles, the prototypes should have more than 90 percent of their original capacity. But the researchers want more: at least 10.The goal is 000 charging cycles without excessive losses.

The researchers now want to scale it up so that the batteries can also be used as energy storage devices for e-cars. And there is an exciting partnership for this: For several months, the researchers have been working with Williams Advanced Engineering, from the 2022-23 season again the battery supplier for the purely electric racing series Formula E as well as for the racing series Extreme E and ETCR. If the new cell chemistry were to be used there, it would be endurance tests under maximum loads. Formula E, for example, is aiming for charging capacities in the range of 600 kilowatts.

Batteries that can be charged particularly quickly have a decisive advantage. If loading does not last faster than a conventional tank operation with gasoline or diesel, electric cars would usually do with smaller and thus lighter batteries in the sense of sustainability. Not to mention broader public acceptance if one of the major disadvantages of e-mobility – the sometimes long charging processes – is a thing of the past.

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  1. Niobium and tungsten now do not represent a serious improvement over cobalt in terms of price (both) and resource reserves (tungsten). In this respect, this development, if it really is a technological breakthrough, should be viewed with a frown..

  2. If all the batteries that were supposed to revolutionize the world in the last 10 years had come, we wouldn’t have to charge from 5-80% for 22 minutes. (Tesla Model 3P on the V3 SuC)

    oh wait..

  3. Hmmm, we already had that..
    Oh yes:

    Mon, 15. May 2017

    StoreDot promises to charge its own batteries in 5 minutes […]”

    Wonderkku, the DrOlfwerendehundertzweundian ..


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