Nissan announces all-electric Micra successor

Nissan announces all-electric Micra successor-micra

Nissan has announced a completely new electric car for the European compact segment. The new model, to be manufactured at Renault ElectriCity, France, will replace the iconic Micra as the entry-level model in Nissan’s lineup, rumored to be around 2024.

Europe plays a key role in the Group’s electrification strategy as part of the company’s recently announced Nissan Ambition 2030 vision. This strategy is already gaining momentum as new models and powertrain technologies are launched, including the new Nissan Ariya, a new EV crossover, and Nissan‘s hybrid e-POWER technology used in the new Qashqai and X-Trail comes.

With the all-new compact EV, Nissan wants to further expand its future portfolio. Announced as part of the new Allianz 2030 roadmap, the product will be designed by Nissan and engineered and manufactured by Renault on the Alliance’s CMF B-EV platform. This platform, on which Renault plans to build an all-electric successor to the iconic French car R5, allows the companies to maintain the styling of their respective products, as the preview of the new vehicle demonstrates.

“This all-new model will be designed by Nissan and engineered and manufactured by Renault based on our new common platform. This allows us to make the most of our Allianz assets while maintaining the Nissan character,” confirms Nissan Chief Operating Officer Ashwani Gupta. “This is a great example of Allianz’s approach to ‘smart differentiation’. I am sure that this new model, as the successor to our iconic Micra, will continue to delight our customers in Europe.”

The new compact electric car was announced as part of the “Alliance 2030”, a joint roadmap by Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors that focuses on electric cars and connected mobility. It complements the portfolio of Nissan vehicles manufactured by Renault in France, which also includes the commercial vehicle lineup, in particular the new Nissan Townstar, which replaces the e-NV200 as a purely electric compact van.

More product information on the new compact EV, including naming, launch timeline and technical details, will be released in due course, Nissan said in a statement.

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2 thoughts on “Nissan announces all-electric Micra successor”

  1. The current Micra (e.g. Polo class?) is in list price range 13.990-22.€890. Interesting, where then here an eMicra (resp. of the similar Renault R5e) will lie.

  2. @ Gosebert
    Probably where all other e-‘small car’ projects should go. So around 30,000 euros without funding.
    Minus a few hundred per year because the batteries should become a little cheaper.

    In this segment you will sell the really large quantities. I’m very excited to see who will bring a convincing vehicle when and how the volumes will then be distributed. One of them just shifted the horizon again and thus took himself out of the race a bit.


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