Nissan announces electro-minor vehicle for Japan

Nissan announces electro-minor vehicle for Japan-announces

The Nissan Motor Company is on the way to the climate-neutral company: By 2050, the Japanese car manufacturer wants to reach climate neutrality in both business operations as well as the life cycle of its vehicles. Until then, however, a lot has to do. For its own homeland Japan, the automobile manufacturer will in future focus on a fully electric minor vehicle, which emerges from the joint joint venture with Mitsubishi.

Nissan has announced in Japan against April 2022 in Japan, a completely new, fully electric minor vehicle (also called Kei Carten) on the market. As the manufacturer shows this is a joint project with Mitsubishi, the Alliance partner of Nissan. This means that we are most likely to see similar electrical mini vehicles from Mitsubishi. With regard to the design of the vehicle, no information is known as Nissan holds back so far.

However, as the e-mobility scene suspects Nissan is inspired by its own IMK concept from 2019. The electric car NISSAN IMK shows what it matters in this class: agile driving characteristics and connectivity that suits a variety of needs and lifestyles. According to Nissan, the new electro-mining vehicle will redefine the segment and offer EV-typical properties such as acceleration, gentle and quiet drive.

“The planned mini-vehicle should redefine the popular vehicle category in Japan and is characterized by immediate acceleration, gentle driving and a quiet interior, which are the key characteristics of electric vehicles (EVS). It will also be available with a variety of advanced technologies, including driver assistance systems.”

Some details have already been announced. The electric vehicle will be equipped with a 20 kWh battery, which may be sufficient for daily demand in Japan. In addition, according to Nissan, there will be an energy export function (from the vehicle to the house and sockets). With a length of 3.395 mm, a width of 1.475 mm and a height of 1.655 mm is the mini-vehicle designed so that it can be easily driven and handled in the often cramped traffic conditions of Japan.

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  1. The I-MiV, one of the pioneers of the BEV, who was also offered in this country as Citro├źn and Peugeot, was a Kei Car. In this respect, one has rather wondered about ten years of development break. Because it should be clear that this vehicle genus has a sales opportunity in the electrical age worldwide.


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