Nissan continues to build e-car high-speed network in Germany and Europe

Nissan continues to build e-car high-speed network in Germany and Europe-e-car

On the way to a CO2-neutral society, Nissan continues to drive the electromobility forward: the Japanese car manufacturers with several technology partners is massively expanding the network of fast charging stations in Europe. In Germany and the United Kingdom, Nissan works with the energy company E.On together, so the automaker in a current message.

The new strategic partnership is the most recent example of the electrification of mobility accelerated by Nissan. With the support of the European dealers, the company expands and complements the charging infrastructure in a total of 18 countries: By 2024, 70 percent of Nissan partner companies have to have combined CCS and Chademo DC fast charging stations. In cooperation with E.On come in Germany next to ABB charger with 24 kW and 50 kW optional Alpitronic Charger with up to 150 kW for use. The latter shorten the loading times enormously.

The use of the new fast charging stations is not only reserved for Nissan customers. Regardless of make and charging capacity, the charging points can be activated in a variety of ways, such as with a Plugsurfing subscription or, thanks to the Hubject roaming integration, with other traction current providers. Nissan is also introducing direct payment at these new stations for the first time: Customers without a charging current contract can also pay by credit card using a QR code. The prices are determined individually by the dealer. Nissan customers, in turn, benefit from special conditions during the charging process by accessing the Nissan Charge App.

“Since the launch of the LEAF as the world’s first electric car for the 2010 mass market, Nissan makes the benefits of electromobility experienced every day”, explains Jean-Philippe Roux, Deputy Vice President Network Development & Customer Quality in the Nissan Amieo region. “Now, with the Ariya coupe crossover and the versatile Townstar commercial vehicle, we are opening a new chapter in our electrified product range, while at the same time driving the expansion of the charging infrastructure in cooperation with Allego and E.ON ahead – another example of our ongoing commitment.”

“The cooperation with Nissan is a good example of how we can contribute to decarbonization together with the help of cross-industry partnerships. In order to achieve the Paris climate goals, electromobility must finally reach mainstream society. The development and expansion of a seamless charging infrastructure has top priority.“ – Mathias Wiecher, Senior Vice President eMobility at E.ON

Continued growth in EV adoption is critical to the ambitious goals in line with Nissan Ambition 2030, the new long-term vision with which the automaker is accelerating its electrification plans over the coming years. Part of the plans is the introduction of 23 new electrified models, including 15 pure electric cars, with the goal of achieving 50 percent electrification worldwide by the 2030 fiscal year. In addition, Nissan intends to introduce solid state batteries (ASSB) by fiscal year 2028, aimed at achieving cost parity between electric cars and petrol cars, on the way to a cleaner, safer and more inclusive world.

In addition to the pure electrification plans of the model line-up, Nissan will establish a trend-setting EV competence center “EV36Zero” in Great Britain: Not far from the production plant in Sunderland, an ecosystem is being created for around one billion pounds (around 1.17 billion euros) that will support the production of electric cars and batteries with energy management and electricity generated exclusively from renewable sources. The center serves as a blueprint for similar locations around the world.

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