Nissan Leaf starts with new sound into the new model year

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Nissan Leaf starts with new sound into the new model year-nissan

With a new sound, the Nissan Leaf rolls into the model year 2021: an acoustic vehicle warning system (“Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System” – Avas) informed as the legislator prescribed in the future via the approaching, otherwise almost silent electric car. The AVAS complies with the new European regulations and creates artificially simulated driving noise: the so-called “Canto” sound, the pedestrian and other road users draw attention to the fully electric vehicle. The warning sound is based on the first leaf generation, which was already introduced in 2010.

Electric cars do not emit neither CO2 emissions nor driving noise: especially compared to burners operating e-motors almost silent. So that all road users still notice the approaching electric vehicle, Nissan has teamed up with renowned sound designers. The new “Canto” sound should give the leaf a personal identity. “Canto” adapts to the environment and is automatically activated as soon as the vehicle is slower than 30 km / h.

“Safety comes first and not only concerns those who sit behind the steering wheel, but also all those who are near the vehicle,” says Marco Fioravanti, regional Vice President Product Planning at Nissan Amieo. “With the increasing electrification of the automotive world, this noise will soon be part of the normal noise on our roads.”

The Nissan Technical Center Europe has again adapted the “sound score” developed by the sound designers and Nissan engineers in Japan again locally for Europe. The sound was intentionally composed so that it varies in tone and pitch – depending on whether the vehicle is accelerating, delayed or reversed. The developers have taken into account the human perception and processing of sound waves and ensures that the sound is clearly audible in full cities and streets.

“We wanted to create a sound that not only meets the new regulations, but also fits the brand image of Nissan,” explains Paul Speed-Andrews, Development Manager for noise and vibration in the Nissan Technical Center Europe. “We have always been pioneers in terms of security and innovation. It is great to know that we help shape the future of electrification.”

Further innovations to the model year

The acoustic pedestrian warner is only one of several innovations for a safe, networked and sustainable driving. In the model year 2021, the leaf also has an integrated WiFi hotspot, a smartphone integration via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and an intelligent deadwinkel wizard. A digital interior mirror with camera function is also intended to provide the best view in every situation.

The Nissan Leaf can be ordered in the model year 2021 with 40 kWh battery in all four known equipment variants ZE1, Acenta, N-Connecta and Tekna. The larger 62 kWh high-voltage battery is available from Acenta level.

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3 thoughts on “Nissan Leaf starts with new sound into the new model year”

  1. The message “Nissan relies on the new model year on CCS in Europe” would prefer me … Sorry.

    The Leaf would be huge upwards in the market value … sure the sales also … with CCS, he would be my ..

  2. Is that just me like this or do you find the sounds annoying too?
    so high, the trigger me totally. If you hear that in the vehicle I would not have a 10min. withstand.

  3. It would be much better if the noise would finally decrease where the technology is finally capable of.
    “.. and ensure that the sound is clearly audible in full cities and streets.
    This is stupidly stupid to create artificially “noise”. Actually, one should be more likely to sensitize people to the new age. But no, you have to make everything back for the biggest stupid bag, which is not survival in society, if he is not carved around the clock. Only with the eyes on the phone running through the streets, or cycle with headphones on the ears.


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