Nissan wants to sell only electrical and hybrid cars until 2025 in China

Nissan wants to sell only electrical and hybrid cars until 2025 in China-electrical

The Japanese automaker Nissan wants to offer all new and revised models electrified from the 20020 financial year in his home market, be it as a pure electric car or hybrid vehicle, as Nikkei Asian Review reports in mid-March 2020. From this development one should also benefit in terms of business in China. Because there you want to sell only electrical and hybrid cars from 2025.

The announcement of this development follows shortly after China announced that from the year 2035 to allow only “environmentally friendly” new vehicles wool. However, China’s government spans this term pretty far. Of the ban, only those burners would be affected, which can not have any electrification. Therefore quite comprehensible that not only pure E-cars, but also hybrid should continue to be sold there. Nissan will introduce to 2025 nine models in China that will be either fully electric or hybrid.

With the IMX Kuro, the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan has a look at the Geneva Motor Show 2018 a look into the future of Nissan. With the Nissan Ariya Concept you get the E-SUV now in reality. Thus, the fully electric crossover from the Japanese car manufacturer’s house will be a clear sign for the future of the brand. Embarks this the vision and the step into the future of the brand. Corresponding steps are necessary if you want to be with the CO2 race at the forefront in the future.

In addition, Nissan builds its production capacity in China. New works will continue in Changzhou this year, Jiangsu Province, and next year in Wuhan, Hubei Province, Hubei province,. The expansion of the plant will increase production capacity by 30% to two million units. This step takes place in the course of Beijing advanced policy to promote environmentally friendly cars. The Chinese government newly streamed hybrid vehicles as a “fuel-saving vehicle”, which makes it easier for the car manufacturers to fulfill the production quotas.

As part of their annus, to make all the new vehicles coming on the market in 2035, half of the cars would be emission-free vehicles and the other half gasoline electric hybrid vehicles. Nissan is currently planning to increase the sales rate of electric vehicles in China from 2% in the 2018 fiscal year to 23% to 2023. Another raising of the quota is not excluded in the future.

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  1. It is gasoline electric electrical and hybrid vehicles. There are also numerous diesel mildhybrids from other companies. Only in the future the question arises if one can build the latter at all cost-effective enough ? Two catalocators, two ad blue tanks and the much larger construction effort of the diesel engine is becoming questionable in the car area. Although he is still consecutive than a gasoline engine.


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