Nissan X Margot Robbie fight for a better future

Nissan X Margot Robbie fight for a better future-robbie

With the Nissan E-sports car we have already seen Margot Robbie already by Monaco. Now she’s back, together with Nissan, actress Margot Robbie is committed to a glowing, electric future. For she is aware that the world is becoming ever crosslinked, without electricity almost nothing more, it has become a matter of course for us and nevertheless have around 1.3 billion people no access to electricity.

Therefore, Nissan not only presented its electrical ecosystem at the third Nissan Future Event in Oslo, but also three other sustainability pilot projects. All three projects have the same core: they will be able to use the capacity of the ingenuity and the experience of the Nissan employees worldwide to improve access to energy sources for particularly endangered or needy communities as well as disaster relief.

  • A new micro-power network system, which serves communities in developing countries as a sustainable source of energy. This facilitates the residents access to basic needs such as education and health care.
  • Cooperation with municipalities in Europe in the introduction of the NISSAN electric car ecosystem. This includes the equipment of a residential building with a solar system, the Nissan Xstorage storage system, Vehicle-to-Grid technology and new Nissan Leaf for CarSharing.
  • Cooperation with organizations in catastrophes regions to find ways on how Nissan technologies and employees can help – for example, by serving a NISSAN E-NV200 equipped with batteries as a mobile emergency power supplier to keep things running in the event of a power failure.

All three pilot projects are initiated in 2018 in order to be carefully evaluated all year round. On the basis of this consideration, it is then decided which possibilities exist to extend the individual projects with success.

“Our life is electrified and yet so many people around the globe have no access to a reliable source of energy at all. Projects like those who have announced Nissan today can change the lives of people and make the future for all just, safer and more sustainable.”- Margot Robbie

Gareth Dunsmore, director of electric vehicles near Nissan Europe is thrilled with the support of Margot Robbie, which contributes to the fact that energy and mobility is brought to the sustainable and fair way to humans. At the start of the projects, Margot Robbie has produced a short film about its role as a Nissan Electric Car Ambassador, I have integrated it below.

Nissan X Margot Robbie fight for a better future-fight

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