NOK: New 75 kWh hybrid cell battery

NOK: New 75 kWh hybrid cell battery-battery

At the end of September, the Chinese car start-up NIO officially presented its standard hybrid cell battery with a capacity of 75 kWh. New software and hardware management increases efficiency and reduces range loss at low temperatures by up to 25 percent. Vehicle models with the new battery can already be ordered and should be delivered to customers from November.

The standard range battery (75 kWh) is a hybrid of ternary lithium and lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cells, which will use the new generation of cell-to-pack (CTP) technology. Ternary lithium battery are batteries that use lithium-nickel cobalt manganate as positive electrode material and graphite as a negative electrode material. The LFP cell, on the other hand, uses – as the name suggests – lithium iron phosphate as the positive electrode material. Thanks to NIO’s patented technologies, the new hybrid battery has a longer range in cold weather. The Shanghai-based company has developed a completely new software and hardware system for thermal management for the battery (75 kWh), which is said to reduce the range loss at low temperatures by 25 percent compared to its LFP counterpart.

This is primarily due to efficient environmental shielding. The company says it uses low thermal conductivity materials and a structural design to minimize heat loss in extremely cold environments and improve passive thermal insulation performance. The intelligent thermal system, which controls the heat generation of the battery, dynamically adapt the thermal control destinations to the battery heating to compensate for driving behavior and energy consumption.

The thermal radiation compensation heater evenly heats the battery cells to maintain the operating temperature while considering energy consumption. In addition, the hybrid arrangement of ternary lithium cells and LFP cells brings advantages to improve overall performance. Not to be forgotten is a special algorithm for controlling the dual system. In addition, the 75kWh standard battery is equipped with new-generation CTP technology, which speeds up manufacturing and assembly by 10 percent, increases volume utilization by 5 percent, and boosts energy density by 14 percent to 142 Wh/kg.

According to the company, the standard hybrid cell battery (75 kWh) and the ternary lithium long-life battery (100 kWh) are already available for new orders of NIO vehicles. The prices of the models with new 75 kWh battery and their “Battery AS-A-Service (BaAs)” subscription remain the same as the previous 70 kWh battery, the company promises.

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  1. The hybrid arrangement of ternary lithium cells and LFP cells in a battery housing – with a high level of safety Cell chemistry of different lifespans – I see for the customer (and also ecologically and with recycling!) not as a real benefit on.


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