Northvolt makes battery production dependent on ecostrom supply

Northvolt makes battery production dependent on ecostrom supply-northvolt

The Swedish battery manufacturer Northvolt, which works with several automakers such as BMW and Volvo, according to a media report, the construction of its own cell production in Germany. To possible locations, let alone a region where the cell factory could be located, Northvolt but has not yet been specific ideas, as the automotive week reports, as the project is still in a very early stage. But that Northvolt wants to come to Germany, as long as all the prerequisites are right, there is no question: “We are talking to several federal states in conversation about the opportunity to build a factory in Germany,” said Northvolt boss Peter Carlsson.

Northvolt has already received a commitment by the German authorities that the battery factory can be financially promoted as a project of common European interest. The Swedes have been around for some time to settle in the motherland of the automotive industry. Northvolt was from 2019 to the beginning of this year project partner of Volkswagen for the construction of cell production in Salzgitter. In March, however, the VW Group had been communicated to implement this project alone. According to insiders, the VW decision makers had to ensure that the Sweden, which at the same time build their own battery factory in their homeland, could take over with a second battery factory.

Decisive that Northvolt settles in Germany is a reliable care with green electricity. This is a basis of the business model of Northvolt, as Carlsson declared the automotive week: “This makes us not only a very small CO2 footprint, but can also produce at very low cost.”Northvolt are currently undergoing how this problem can be solved. “Because we definitely want to meet the same claim to sustainability as in Sweden.”In his homeland, the battery company is subject to a cheaper power from hydropower. A guarantee that Northvolt builds a cell factory in Germany, so does not exist.

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3 thoughts on “Northvolt makes battery production dependent on ecostrom supply”

  1. The creation of jobs in Germany depends on the construction of renewable energies depending on the Altmaier finally from the brakes down with which the expansion of renewable has been massively blocked and hampered since 2012

  2. The fact that investments that are financed must deposit on climate goals, however, is increasingly the case. Just a producer of battery cells for electric cars will be particularly sensitive. Maybe there is the fear of German approval procedures. In a country where there are citizens’ initiatives against cycling routes, it is not easy to believe in new rapidly developed industrial plants.

  3. That there are still companies that are far from planning is amazing. From VW I have read somewhere that the goal of the CEO is to overtake Tesla. Such goals are just embarrassing, ridiculous and stupid. Northvolt has such a future. VW not.


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