Northvolt starts series production of completely European battery cells

Northvolt starts series production of completely European battery cells-production

Three days before the turn of the year, the Swedish battery manufacturer Northvolt started production at the Gigafactory Ett. Thus, the company has reached the intermediate goal, to produce its first battery cells in 2021. Northvolt has been working on the Gigafactory ETT since 2017, which should produce battery cells in the final expansion with a total capacity of 60 gigawatt hours per year. This corresponds to a sales volume of 30 billion dollars, about 26.5 billion euros. First key customers include BMW, Fluence, Scania, Volkswagen, Volvo and Polestar.

As a sign “of a new chapter in the European industrial history,” said Northvolt in a recent communication, the cell is developed by the first, which was completely designed by a European battery company and was assembled in a giga factory. The battery cell transferred to the series production was developed in the Northvolt Labs in Swedish Vasterås. Different work still last in the new year. Northvolt but promises to be able to execute the first commercial customer deliveries with cells of different formats from 2022.

“This is a major milestone for Northvolt that the team has worked very hard to achieve. Of course, that first cell is just the beginning. Over the coming years, we look forward to seeing Northvolt Ett significantly expand its production capacity to enable Europe’s clean energy transition.– Peter Carlsson, CEO and co-founder of Northvolt

Northvolt does not give any details about the cell, such as energy content and cell chemistry, in the release. The manufacturer only states that it is a prismatic cell. For the European automotive industry and value chain, it is particularly important to massively reduce the current dependency on Asian cell and battery manufacturers. After all, battery cells are the most important and by far the most expensive component of an electric car.

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