Norway’s government relies on electric cars – with success!

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Norway's government relies on electric cars - with success!-government

If one goes under the climate protection plan 2050, which was established by Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks (SPD) and finally adopted by the Cabinet on Monday, in 2030 cars, buses, trucks, trains, ships and aircraft in Germany should either eject 98 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. This would be a good 40% less than 1990. To achieve this alternative drives must be used. Whereby electric cars are traded here as a favorite, which also explains that the federal government wants to bring a millions of vehicles on the road by 2020.

In terms of e-cars Germany can still learn from Norway

Germany can still learn a lot of Norway here. The country is considered the third largest market for electric cars worldwide. This is because E-cars have been subsidized with large sums for years. So buyers of electric cars do not have to pay VAT and no application tax there, thus the electric models are often cheaper than those with internal combustion engine. In addition, one admits the drivers of electric cars advantages in road traffic, these go from toll-liberation to free parking.

Therefore, it is not surprising that every fifth, car sold in Norway is now an electric car. So drive in the country, with only 5 million inhabitants, over 100.000 E vehicles on their streets. In the Norwegian, however, one has also set sporty goals, one would like to sell from 2025 to only emission-free vehicles and hybrids – but without pronouncing a ban on how the Greens wants us.

“We have no early answers, but we are working to achieve our emission targets – and it will be mainly the transport sector that must bear the reductions. The large trucks can not drive with electricity.”- Erna Solberg, Norwegian Prime Minister

So far, Norway was able to afford the subsidy of electric vehicles, as it benefited as a rich land with large oil and gas reserves from a transverse funding. The low oil price but also to create Norway – which is why part of the generous subsidies should be abolished to reduce the budget hole of 400 million euros at least a little. But at least by 2020, most of the subsidies will be maintained anyway when it goes to Solberg.

You may be curious if and when our government is accessing such actions such as Norway to noticeably drive the electrification of traffic.

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