Not only electrical: Germany is supposed to be a pioneer for air

VDA decision

Not only electrical: Germany should also be a pioneer for air

Not only electrical: Germany is supposed to be a pioneer for air-electrical
Author union mobility/Porsche Electro-car VS. Electric gasoline: the wind turns?

The traffic light government not only ambitious goals in e-mobility, but also wants to keep another option-synthetic fuels. This should make the inventory fleet cleaner – and Deutschand more independent of raw materials.

For links on this page, Site receives. a commission from the dealer, e.g.B. for marked. More information "The mega task of this new government is infrastructure," stated Hildegard Muller, President of the Association of Automobile Manufacturers (VDA), in her first statement on the coalition agreement between the SPD, Bundnis 90/Die Grunen and the FDP. “The new governing coalition has presented an ambitious program for the transformation towards a climate-neutral economy and society. This task must succeed, and for this it is important that industry in Germany remains internationally competitive."

15 million electric cars by 2030

The new federal government wants up to 15 million euros by 2030. fully electric cars on the roads in Germany. According to Muller, this means that by 2022 every second newly registered car will have to drive purely electrically. "In order for this to succeed, we need a boost in the expansion of the charging infrastructure: more charging points in the private sphere, in retail, at gas stations and on public roads."

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Not only electrical: Germany is supposed to be a pioneer for air-electrical

Auto-Motor-und-Sport.en Gasoline price increase really makes sense for the climate? The eight biggest fuel mistakes

The association sees the need to support suppliers in the transformation of companies so that jobs in Germany are preserved. In addition, the expansion of the hydrogen economy and the increase in the share of green electricity in Germany to 80 percent should take place quickly.

E-fuel share should come by quota

Muller expects more concrete ideas for the statements on the importance of e-fuels. "Only with e-fuels can we achieve the climate goals, that applies in Germany and above all worldwide.Germany now needs ambitious quotas for e-fuels, also to address the number of vehicles. "Germany must become a European pioneer in e-fuels," demands the VDA President.The VDA also sees the need to ensure the production of strategically important components in Germany and Europe as quickly as possible. Muller: “We have to become more independent of Asia and other regions. Resource partnerships – including the generation of renewable energies – must also be at the top of the new government’s agenda."

Not only electrical: Germany is supposed to be a pioneer for air-supposed

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How expensive would it be for the customer?

Synthetic fuels, the best of which are climate-neutral, are being tested in several countries and are being produced in small quantities. Among other things, Porsche is involved. So far, however, production has been very expensive and takes place in countries that have significantly lower energy costs than Germany, where record prices are being paid for electricity due to the energy transition. The new eco-fuels would therefore only pay off if they were produced in large quantities and if the CO2 reduction were also taken into account in the final price at the pump, for example by eliminating the CO2 tax. (awm)

Climate fuel is on the way: let’s all fill up CO2-neutral soon?

Not only electrical: Germany is supposed to be a pioneer for air-pioneer

site Climate fuel is on the way: let’s all fill up CO2-neutral soon?

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13 thoughts on “Not only electrical: Germany is supposed to be a pioneer for air”

  1. pioneering work ?
    What are we leaders in ? Apart from the tax burden and energy prices … may not come to mind as much. In the media you only read about topics that don’t work. If we were actually the leader in electric cars…..where are they ? Any percentage increase rates are absolute nonsense and actually say little or nothing. We can’t get 5G across the board, but the power supply for the charging points should be implemented in the shortest possible time ?!? Well, then make it nice. So everyone believes in their own little miracle !

  2. Oh, Mr. Sochgen again
    The Tesla marketing department is in touch again. Where are they, all those Teslas? Probably all in the Brandenburg plant on the tapes. 234% of nothing is not much.

  3. @Bush
    Do you have something to say or just want to provoke? So 5613 vehicles in one month is nothing? How would Toyota rate its own 5132 vehicles? Tesla or not, BEVs can only be slowed down by shortages of material and battery cells. Stopping the development is already impossible.

  4. Germany pioneer for biofuel!?
    who requests it or. promises, does not see through the Chose. Because the new eco-fuels are not worthwhile for cars. Not today, not tomorrow, never ever. The reason is the laws of nature & the VDA & his good wife Muller cannot change them either. Climate-neutral e-fuels, produced via the "green electricity→hydrogen+CO2→e-fuel" chain, must always be much more expensive because they are much more inefficient in terms of energy than the direct use of green electricity as the starting product in BEV. This is and will remain so until the next big bang. At least. WTW efficiency battery drive is 70-80%, that of e-fuels approx. 10%. Around 40 million. Operating existing combustion engines with e-fuels would require 7-8 times as much green electricity as for 40 million. BEV, namely 840-960 TWh instead of 120 TWh. Total electricity consumption in Germany in 2020 was 545 TWh. Sure enough?

  5. Germany as a pioneer
    for the Brenner tunnel railway connection, construction of the port of refuge, railway stations, charging stations, etc., now also for climate fuel. Until we have achieved pioneering status here, there will be no climate.

  6. I
    was also a pioneer, is now about 45 years ago. But slowly I feel transported back to that time. Germany should try not to completely miss the economic connection to the world powers, we have enough to do.

  7. What form of energy is more than climate neutral?
    "Synthetic fuels, the balance of which is climate-neutral at best,…" – I wonder what the expectations are here. Carbon neutrality is the holy grail of energy production, almost unmatched to date. E-mobility is also miles away from this – not only because the German energy mix still has a high proportion of fossil energy sources (which is likely to worsen due to the shutdown of nuclear power plants), also solar systems and Co. are anything but CO2-neutral. So what is expected? – that a fuel binds additional CO2 during combustion? This formulation reveals to me either the writer’s utter ignorance of the subject, or his ideological bias.

  8. A look at Norway
    Who shows us the not too happy future for Germany. BEV 74%. Gasoline+diesel combined: 5%. Game Over – ICE Age is over.

  9. For the experts like the numbers!
    Source KBA 2021 E-Cars March 30101, April 23816 May 26786, June 33420 July 25465, August 28860 Sept. 33656, October 30560 It took some effort, but the source, the Federal Motor Vehicle Office, is beyond any doubt! What do their numbers say? There is e.g.Z. no more rates of increase. On the contrary, so far the figures have gone monthly, e.g.T. back again and again. But sure one will "expert" even interpret the bare figures from the KBA in such a way that they fit into the world of e-fans.

  10. @Vogel – haphazard
    It is well known that the car market is a very seasonal business and therefore month-to-month comparisons only make sense for the respective month of other years. Well, we deliberately left out November 2021? Or do they have the +32% vs. didn’t fit into the story in October with a new market share record of over 20%? As I said, the trees and the forest…

  11. It’s just annoying!!!
    When a "expert" throws himself with numbers! The increases in e-cars are based on the slump in 2020. Maybe the Lord "expert" also not noticed that in the chip crisis, the semiconductors are preferably processed in e-cars and conventional vehicles go empty-handed, e.g.B. the Golf VIII, from which z.T. nothing could be delivered at all. The monthly e-car numbers in 2021 do not show a 30% jump. On the other hand, Tesla is tricking with deliveries, in September there was a massive boost, perhaps to get to VW, to crash so mercilessly in October that with 1359 pieces you even flew out of the top 40 in Germany! Keep dreaming, but don’t bother with unfounded numbers.

  12. @Vogel – it must annoy her
    When the facts contradict what you say over and over again. Tesla does not cheat, but supplies Germany in batches because the vehicles from China arrive in batches with the ships and not every ship is intended for Germany. I’m not dreaming, I’m seeing an S-Curve adoption. As predicted 1-2 years ago. You are welcome to read…


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