Now comes the motorway toll for everyone? CDU-Vice already for it

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Now comes the motorway toll for everyone? CDU-Vice already for it

Now comes the motorway toll for everyone? CDU-Vice already for it-everyone
dpa/Jens Buttner A traffic sign indicates drivers of the city highway to the toll obligation for the passage of the Warnow tunnel in Rostock.

CDU vice Thomas Strobl has spoken out after the stop of the car toll, not to declare an additional tax for drivers to taboo. In addition to the CO2 tax, drivers would expect a further burden.

The judgment of the European Court of Justice is "no reason for a shock rigidity," said the interior minister of Baden-Wurttemberg of the "Bild" newspaper (Thursday). “We should use this as an opportunity to combine the financing of the infrastructure with clever climate and environmental policy elements.“When asked about a possible introduction of a car toll for all drivers, he said:“ In my view, there must be no prohibitions on thinking.“There is therefore a toll system that is coupled to the route covered both and to the CO2 emissions of the car. Electric cars would then probably be freed from the toll or would at least pay less.

Maut plans from the EU court dismissed

The EU Commission already made it clear in 2017 that drivers should pay every single kilometer in the future, so the toll should no longer be charged, but stuck depending on the stuck. Corresponding toll models are already available in countries like Italy. In Austria and Switzerland, on the other hand, there are time -dependent systems with vignettes: you pay for a year or with holidaymakers for a short period of time, but you can then use the highways as much as you want. In Germany, where the vehicle taxes actually served in September 2018 in the course of the new WLTP consumption measurement procedure, the Maut also would probably be significantly more expensive to make the toll, which should also make driving considerably more . In addition to the already existing CO2 component of the vehicle tax, the new tax would be charged (the tax is calculated according to displacement and CO2 emissions).

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) had declared the car toll prepared by CSU for years to be unlawful because they disadvantaged drivers from abroad. Minister of Transport Scheuer (CSU) then terminated contracts that have already been concluded; As a result, compensation payments to the selected toll companies can be expected.

Bouillon against Strobl – dispute within the CDU – How hard should be dealt with with asylum seekers?

Now comes the motorway toll for everyone? CDU-Vice already for it-toll

Site Bouillon against Strobl – dispute within the CDU – How hard should be dealt with with asylum seekers?

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11 thoughts on “Now comes the motorway toll for everyone? CDU-Vice already for it”

  1. Tyrol
    Whether the clever alpine states come from Germany to come from Germany … so -called politicians, let in their country ? Even if they only want to enter transport policy for training ?? To finally learn how to put your country and your citizens more satisfied ?

  2. The German problem is, you want to be perfect
    and put every crap into a nonsensical project. Sure, a toll is needed, because it cannot be that our streets and bridges are only paid by us as taxpayers, but not by all users. The problem is to do it instead of making a simple quick system with picker or like in Switzerland, which would be ready for use in a few weeks, every nonsense is also packed in. Pure know -it -all everything has to be better than abroad. Example ghost driver: Instead of taking over the good idea of the Austrians, you have promised to find a better system in great power. Mr. Dobrindt had no better idea, he had nothing at all and still nothing happened here, typical German, pour sayings and a lot of blah, but then nothing comes.

  3. insanity
    E-cars should, despite the occupied, only from 180 TSD. Kilometer mileage somewhat cheaper environmental balance, be un taxed. Each vehicle has already been taxed five times from the manufacture to the end consumer, each kilometer street, but then on top of that tax madness again… Maybe soon for the breathing is still harmful to the climate, or a toll for cyclists.., finally also for pedestrians…. Medieval robber baron behavior that. Name traffic policy… How does a state drift its tax -paying "workforce" (I think the state now sees its citizens) to parties on the left and right political spectrum? Dear politicians, please think and don’t be surprised …

  4. H. Be able,
    E-cars create pure air here, so everyone believes. The world does not only consist of us. Where rare earths or lithium are grown, there are huge environmental destruction. But that’s far away. Who is going on in Peru?

  5. Very easily,
    The vehicle tax is first deleted completely. Afterwards an individual toll is introduced. Vehicles that pay 60 euros today pay 60 euros toll for the year and others paid 300 just 300 for the year. If an EU citizen comes across our limit, he has to pay the same prices or at least proportionate. The vehicle is crucial over the amount of the toll, as is currently the case with the tax. This is considerably more expensive for our neighbors than the last model, but the EU wants it that way. So the toll is exactly as high for a German driver as for a guest. And if you are not allowed to complain, the French and Austrians are! Their objections to a German toll is already discrimination, after all they have a toll themselves

  6. That was to be expected!
    A shot in your own knee with an announcement! If a normal person behaved like this, one would rightly say (Attention: word game) he is stupid. In my opinion! I suggest that the cost of this mink from the CSU’s party treasury or the health insurance fund of the freedom. Anyone who deals with the tax money in this way creates disenchantment with politics; But the gentlemen Csuler certainly see it differently!

  7. Yes / Yes.
    The costs for migrants have gone out of hand. So a new tax must be. Keep for us and actually the politicians. Sooner or later no one will be able to allow themselves to work sooner or later. The main thing is that politicians can increase the diets annually. If the Greens still get to power, it is best to emerge. Because then (if it is not already) becomes 3. World country.

  8. It
    is only about cashing the taxpayer who drives to work and the taxes for our greed state. But we want it that way, you can see from the election result. So conclude with the Jammerei.

  9. Basic income
    It is time that basic income becomes reality.Then everyone can decide for themselves whether work is still worthwhile.We have the highest energy costs in Europe, rents continue to rise, heating will also be a luxury thanks to CO2 tax.And now the toll for everyone. The pensioners have to go to the doctor by bus or train.We make it.

  10. Right!
    That was planned from the start. Now the government is "forced" To introduce the toll for everyone and the EU is to blame. Dobrinth’s Volksverarschen.

  11. It’s about something else
    The fact is – the taxpayer must pay 300 million euros in damages due to the total failure of the CSU. Now a path is desperately sought to disguise that. The entire Union belongs to the ton from voters.


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