Nuremberg opens the future car park with 128 charging points

Nuremberg opens the future car park with 128 charging points-future

The Nuremberg Energy Sustainery N-ERGIE has opened with the “Parking House of the Future” the largest electric car park in Franconia and at the same time one of the largest Bavaria. The project was implemented, from which one hopes for a role model for future district parking garages, together with the Munich charging solution expert REEV.

Since construction started in May 2020, the “Parking House of the Future” was designed on the premises of N-ERGIE in Nuremberg-Sandreuth a deliberately designed as a public lighthouse project for modern and innovative mobility. For the implementation of the charging solution, the support of the e-mobility service provider REEV, who has already experienced with similar major projects. In total, 128 of 338 car parking spaces in the building were equipped on 14 half-shot with charging options. The parking and charging options can be used by employees of N-ERGIE and publicly – including residents and commuters.

The electricity for the many electric cars supplies the parking garage directly and regenerative. On the roof, PV modules produce with a capacity of 100 kWp CO2-free electricity. A stationary battery with 100 kW power and 112 kWh storage capacity ensures optimal use of the generated energy. For this purpose, the battery buffs the energy so that fast power peaks can be deterted.

Nuremberg opens the future car park with 128 charging points-opensREEV /

The Munich emobility specialist REEV provides, in addition to the control and billing of the charging processes, for the entire energy management including the PV system and the battery memory of the quarters. For load management, REEV enters innovative ways. So not only the building is considered as a whole, but each of the laddies equipped with charging options on individual subdistributors. These are flat-to-cross-linked to control as needed, how much electricity is available on which parking level is available.

In addition, REEV’s cloud software allows you to control the entire load solution from afar. Extensions and updates of the charging solution can be implemented as flexible and uncomplicated, which the project should remain sustainable. During the hardware, the EMH3 wallboxes of ABL, the charging solution expert of the metropolitan region Nuremberg.

“With the parking garage of the future, not only could we go a significant step for the mobility transition in our metropolitan region, but also put impetus for the digitized and networked future of mobility”, Josef Hasler, CEO of N-ERGIE, is proud and explained Next: “In a project of this dimension, all components must be matched. Especially the electrotechnical conception is complex. Accordingly, glad we were about the close cooperation with the emamility experts from REEV.”

“The parking garage of N-ERGIE is groundbreaking for the clean mobility of the future. We are proud to be able to assume in such a large and promising project not only the control and billing of charging operations, but also all energy management.”- Eduard Schlutius, CEO REEV

Since the project is designed by both partners for future-of-the-art, further innovations are already planned in the parking garage. Last but not least, user management should be further digitized. In the future, a specially developed KI system should control user prioritization.

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4 thoughts on “Nuremberg opens the future car park with 128 charging points”

  1. It’s a start. If all in the district of PV mount on the roof, the self-sufficiency will rise there and relieves the powerful power network. And if then, at some point all BEV bidirectional shop control, the parking garage becomes a storage farm. PV, storage and CBEV are some of many building blocks, for swarm electricity and swarm memory.

  2. I am looking for the end of this project.
    For me, this seems to be a normal car park, which a pair of PV modules were mounted on the roof. I’m further with my garage, because I also occupied the walls with PV. A buffer battery (which is likely to have about 100kWh in the final expansion, should also affect the house) also comes in and with two charging points, I will also have to integrate a kind of charging management.

    How many subsidies gets the parking garage of the future?

    The billing bracket has been working for years with the normal charging columns which are not in the parking garage.

    Conclusion: Each parking garage, no every hall and every roof should be charged with PV. If this project encourages others to install PV then great. Technically, all this is an old hat.

  3. So I wish it from others.
    thumbs up.

    The car has to charge where it stands.
    If it may only be able to load slowly.
    During the day when the sun is shining, this is not the domestic parking space in most cases
    When slowly reloading (1-phase up to 3.7kW) but please without this stupid “blocking fee”, which makes a sense here in my opinion, rather you should be glad if the box 8-9 hours. Time has to load.
    So you could drive to work the car plug in, and after work of work recharged back home or … drive. In most cases, 10-30kWh should be sufficient for the daily requirement.


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