Obrist Tesla Model 3 Hyperhybrid car in the future even more efficient and dynamic

Obrist Tesla Model 3 Hyperhybrid car in the future even more efficient and dynamic-model

Obrist Powertrain, an Austrian engineering office claims in January 2020 that you can bring the widespread Tesla Model 3 with double range and significantly cheaper on the road. For this purpose, the company made a hyperhybrid car from the pure electric car, as the Austrians describe the vehicle. As “Obrist Mark II” the converted model 3 should be up to 1.000 kilometers reach come. In the future, more efficient and dynamic.

This is possible because the company has not only developed an eco-friendly hyperhybrid ™ powertrain consisting of the Zero Vibration Generator ™ and a cost-effective Li-ion battery. But also the latest generation of ZF EDRIVES is also used. In its latest demonstration vehicle, Obrist Powertrain has converted one of the best-selling electric vehicles into a vehicle with cost-effective electric powertrain. With the vehicle Mark II, the CO2 emissions in operation were drastically reduced to a real consumption of 2 l / 100 km and 7 kWh.

Obrist Powertrain to understand that technology can already meet the European emission requirements of 2030 in terms of CO2 emissions and air pollutants without problems. His future demonstration vehicles will equip Obrist Powertrains with ZF EDRIVES. The integration of ZF EDRIVES into the powertrain can be efficiency and dynamic
further improve the powertrain.

With regard to the drive system, from the point of view of the OBRist, it is decisive between normal plug-in hybrids (parallel hybrid) and hyperhybrid (serial hybrid). The difference explains the marketing officer of the Austrian company as follows: “At the PHEV, the electric motor is a wizard one full conventional drive, in the hyperhybrid is a small, special for this purpose gasoline engine, the wizard of the electric drive. The battery and the generator always work alternately, so that the optimum performance and low consumption is achieved.”

To reduce the Hyperhybrid ™ drive strand not only the CO2 emissions during operation, but also the emissions in production and recycling, using a small, powerful Li-Ion battery. Such a battery is compared to a pure electric car battery in which the weight of the battery can achieve up to 600 kg, in size, weight and in particular costs reduced. The use of the Zero Vibration Generator ™ of the vehicle engine does not cause vibrations, which contributes to the fact that the e-auto driving experience still remains.

“In this way, the powertrain integrates the best of both worlds. This super smooth generator can be operated with normal gasoline, but also with newly developed fuels with reduced or no CO2 emissions. Synthetic fuels with low and zero emissions are a development that is carried out by Obrist Powertrain, ZF and other important actors of the automotive industry.”- Obrist Powertrain

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12 thoughts on “Obrist Tesla Model 3 Hyperhybrid car in the future even more efficient and dynamic”

  1. Possibly. Develop someone from love for diesel and gasoline just a coffee machine which works with electricity with diesel instead! great thing. There are whole new possibilities, Z.B. Smartphones with gasoline range extender ..
    Slowly I believe oil makes also addictive. The observable clarifier can no longer be explained in this completely antique technology.

  2. At first glance a bad compromise?
    a) can now replace all burners, hybrids and plug-in hybrids, no matter how the loading infrastructure in which country is always looks like!
    b) and come home as limited eV at traffic jams at the loader
    c) If you offer this vehicle with different battery size and always a charging option, this would be great
    d) upgrade to more kWh not excluded,,,

  3. So who builds his model 3 on something like that, who would rather be able to rebuild a classic watcher … the model 3 is definitely the wrong car for.

  4. It’s strange in this very unilateral BEV world
    If any hobbyist makes a Tesla is a very important message.
    If an important consumer magazine in the US reports that Tesla vehicles with a great distance have the most deficiencies of all manufacturers is worth no message.
    https: // http://www.golem.DE / News / New Car Tesla-In-Quality Study-In-Last-Platz-2006-149291.HTML

    What can you close from it??

  5. Patrick, that’s a “full-depep” . An unnecessary market number Heini with Ohrung of Automotive Technology. But now to Obrist. Apparently, a Tesla wants to help cut away from PheV cake. I wonder, who needed that, have never heard a Teslafaher who complained about lack of riches. The chaff of wheat separates at the e car in the battery area. Will the Obrist install a KIMCO motorcycle engine? This already had the I3 of the BMW. Good Phevs have 3 or better 4 cylinder engines today . Have never had such a danger of the fibrated. The hyperhybrid reduce CO2 emissions during operation. Yes probably only then if he does not run.

  6. Seldom seen such some perverses. To install an internal combustion engine into a Tesla and then designate it as a power plant.
    Economic and ecological nonsense is that. Economic crap, because you again the whole burning technology incl. Tank and exhaust in maintenance has and ecological because you create local dirt again with his leaving solution. The progressive battery technique will soon make such people superfluous.
    Sorry, I just find it disgusting!

  7. I do not know what that should ! All rocks on Model Tesla. It goes purely about the technology of hybrid drives, and the model Tesla 3 will certainly offer itself better from its technical side to experiment than German models The sooo tightly installed hardly space for their possibilities. So stay matters and not always “my car” “your car”. The car
    We have to face the future, I am a trained car mechanic (there were still cars with 2-stroke engines) and advocate the burner because here is still what we are currently expecting from a car – character and not sun whisper bag but we will ultimately become electric cars do not come by. My opinion is for the future:
    40%. Gasoline, this, 20% electro, 20% fuel cell, 20% hybrid. We must not forget how much jobs dependent on the auto industry. I am also based on the bottom because I was only in the car industry.

  8. All attention of you Klaus. You know the automotive technology from the FF. Also, I mourn the diesel engine of me on many a thousand kilometers
    satisfied, also something after. I did not have a DKW or Trabi. 2 Takter is still primarily available for chainsaws.
    Even all light motorcycle manufacturers like Honda are over because of noise, consumption and pollutant issuance to 4 tactor. Except noise problems is therefore the same to the circle engine (Mazda). The only consistent in life is the change. As soon as the loading net is even better, and the batteries are still a little easier, stronger and cheaper, the end of the hybrid will be ushered in the end. The simplicity in the construction of pure E cars will prevail.

  9. Holger, IF Elon Musk Were To Have Listened To The Negative Comments, Like Yours, Tesla Nor Spacex Tod Have Never Made It. But he didn’t. He Went Against All Odds and Now Which Car Company is Worth the Most? How Much Is Spacex Worth?

    Your Choice Is Words Are “Disgusting” But Then Again WE LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE PEOPLE HIDE Behind A Username and Blindly Comment On Something Which You Do Not Fully Understand. The Focus Here is Not A Tesla Vehicle, The Focus Is on the Technology Behind It. I am A Huge Fan of Tesla. I EVEN WORKED at Tesla for Many Years But Each Vehicle Comes With A Carbon Footprint. WE HAVE A GLOBAL CO2 Problem …Happing Now, Therefore Technologies Like Thesis Help Minimize This Problem Especially in Other Parts of the World. I Have a Feeling That Most Ppl That Comment, Are Ppl That Have Never Traveled Outside Of The Dach Area. The InFrustrure Might Be Good in EU and the USA But What about Africa? S. America? HAVE THEY MAGICALLY DISPEPEARED FROM THE GLOBAL? No! The World Is So Big and There Is Enough Room For Different Technologies. Fully Electric Might Be the Future But not Now.

  10. The main thing is you all the disposal of the great batteries with in your yet clean electrical calculation, as you can talk a great project, and nothing else is so small …I can not understand.


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