Octavia only electrically? So Skoda plans the future

Skoda by 2030

Octavia only electrically? So Skoda plans the future

Octavia only electrically? So Skoda plans the future-octavia
Manufacturer New Skoda boss: Thomas Schafer

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New man, ambitious destinations: Skoda wants to be among the five-sales car manufacturers in Europe by 2030 and, with a return on sales of at least 8 percent, become a Cash Cow of the VW Group. An electrical Octavia should also contribute to this.

The change from Bernhard Maier to Thomas Schafer at the head of Skoda suddenly went and surprisingly for some. The months later, the new strong man in Mlada Boleslav spent more in the background than in the glaring corporate light and ordered his new empire. Unlike his predecessor, who communicated his ideas unequivocally. What the VW group boss in particular often gave way. But now Thomas Schafer’s game is over in the shadow and the Skoda boss has announced the strategy with the name "Skoda Next Level 2030" for the next nine years.

Skoda is less independent of Wolfsburg

Certainly in coordination with the headquarters in Wolfsburg, but no less exciting. It is clear, for example, that the Czech car manufacturer is to become one of the top five carmakers in Europe and sell 1.5 million vehicles a year.

Skoda Enyaq IV 80 in the test: The Tschechen-Tesla can do that better than VW & Audi

Octavia only electrically? So Skoda plans the future-only

Site Skoda Enyaq IV 80 in the test: The Tschechen-Tesla can do that better than VW & Audi

Accordingly, the goals that sometimes represent a noticeable correction of the plans that have been pursued are ambitious. It is striking that Skoda will reflect back to his roots and offer affordable entry models, regardless of whether they are electrified or not. A radical course correction to models such as the Skoda Superb, which was dangerously close to the VW Passat both technically and from the value and attracted buyers who would otherwise have reached the Wolfsburg model.

VW does not want Skoda Premium to be

At VW, this premium offensive was noted with increasing unwillingness. That is over now. The beginning of this paradigm shift marks the new Fabia, which with an entry price under 14.000 euros around the buyer. The grown dimensions of the Fabia also mean the end of the scala, which is not preserved anyway.

Octavia only electrically? So Skoda plans the future-octavia
Skoda Skoda model for India: The Kushaq

However, electrification is also strictly progressing with the Czech daughter. By 2030, Skoda plans to bring at least three more fully electric models onto the market, which will be located both in terms of size and price below the ENYAQ. That fits back into the VW overall group picture. The keyword is "at least". "The Skoda Octovia becomes electrically," confirms Thomas Schafer, who almost says in the same breath that there will be an electric city flea like the Citigo eV. Nevertheless, Skoda needs an affordable electric vehicle.

Octavia only electrically? So Skoda plans the future-plans
Skoda increases the variety of variants in Octavia Continue Photo: Skoda Skoda Octavia Sportline – more dynamic without chrome

City-Stromer as a new entry-level model

One of the Stromer will probably be a derivative of the Small Bev, which VW technology board member Thomas Ulbrich announced for 2025. The VW should be around 25.Cost 000 euros, the Skoda will probably be below. According to this, at least every second Skoda sold in Europe is to be a BEV in nine years, if the markets and interest in electrical cars should continue to attract, this share can even increase to 70 percent.

Octavia only electrically? So Skoda plans the future-only
Computer drawing: Reichel Car Design Minivan electrically: This could look the VW ID2

Flanking about this becomes an electromobility hub in the VW group. This also makes sense for a cost -sensitive project such as electromobility, since production in the Czech Republic is cheaper than in Germany.This model strategy should of course also bear fruit. The requirement for the return return of at least eight percent is not without. Skoda achieved a value of 8.4 percent in 2019, so the eight percent targeted should not be an issue. However, one has to consider that the Czechs will act in markets such as India, Russia and North Africa that push the return on sales down. The Skoda Kushaq is supposed to ensure profits on the large subcontinent before being rolled out to other threshold markets. Southeast Asia is already on the horizon. "After all, I worked there for a few years," smiles Schafer.

Octavia only electrically? So Skoda plans the future-only
Skoda Skoda Enyaq IV Sportline 80x

Another parameter that influences the achievement of ambitious business goals is the worldwide market development. Skoda assumes a moderate growth of around 1.2 percent in the next nine years. However, new competitors are pushing on the market in countries China.

No more 16 steering wheels

"More and more want a piece of the cake that is getting smaller and smaller," says the Skoda boss. That is why further measures have to apply: Skoda reduces the complexity of the models by 40 percent. That no longer means 16 steering wheels, but more preconfigured packages. Schafer does not want to herald the end of the internal combustion engine either. "In many markets, it is not yet certain where the journey of the drive system is going, so it would be premature to rely on a variant," says the Skoda boss. It fit that the next generation of Superb and VW Passat at Skoda will be developed. "This is a great honor for our engineers," says Thomas Schafer. VW beats two birds with one flap: On the one hand, you can concentrate on electromobility in Wolfsburg, on the other hand, the competitive situation between Superb and Passat is dissolved smoothly.

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Octavia only electrically? So Skoda plans the future-only

Site Every fourth new car now drives electrically: German mini-stromer in 1st place

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