oekobonus and CIRRANTiC rely on sustainable customer loyalty

oekobonus and CIRRANTiC rely on sustainable customer loyalty-oekobonus

CIRRANTiC, a leading independent information service provider for public charging, and Oekobonus, a joint customer loyalty program from companies that are among the pioneers of sustainable management, are joining forces for a consistently sustainable customer loyalty program. This is intended to focus on e-drivers and is a little bit similar to the approach that one of &batch knows.

As the two brands give to understand the bonus program OEKobon is integrated into the apps and interaction channels of the Europe-wide-leading independent EV load information service provider Cirrantic, so that participants electric driving at Moovility & Co. can connect “Bees” with the collection and redemption of bonus points. CIRRANTiC charging station and charging service partners and oekobonus program partners can use the marketing and communication functions automatically and in various expansion stages to make their products and services digitally more visible and even more attractive. Quasi win-win for all sides.

“We have been looking for a sustainable and leading partner for a long time to enable our CPO/EMP partners and EV drivers to benefit from the added value of an established bonus points program. With oekobonus we have found a great partner who shares our vision of sustainability and innovation.“ – Arne Meusel, founder and managing director of CIRRANTiC

From Sites Oekobon expresses their board of the board Ludwig Gruber: “New, clean mobility is part of the ecological lifestyle and thus our participants and program partners will open many new options by cooperation with Cirrantic.It is planned for this year that the cooperation will start to bear fruit. Both for e-car drivers, who diligently collect “Bees” to benefit from them when charging or shopping, and for partner companies, who can position value-added services accordingly.

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