Off for the Audi E-Tron! He becomes the Audi Q8 E-TRON

Off for the Audi E-Tron! He becomes the Audi Q8 E-TRON-audi

“According to the automotive week, the E-TRON 2026 should expire and replaced by the Q8 E-TRON. The E-Tron Quattro is to receive a facelift at the latest 2023 before it expires 2026, “so our first message on the” Urstromer “of Audi, which should experience a change in the future. But it does not seem to take so long. Meanwhile, it seems to be stuck that the E-TRON should already be renamed E-TRON at the end of 2022 in Audi Q8.

But what awaits us next to the new name of the electricity? Fresh optics, more range and generally a changed appearance. So at least the current message of the automotive week, informed in this context that Audi is electricity. Because the rumors around the Audi Q8 E-TRON be realigned from the end of 2022, achievements this four years earlier than originally planned. At the end of 2022, the retreaded e-tron should come to the market under the new name.

With this step, Audi not only introduces another new stromer on the market, but also creates order in the name wire. So far, the Audi E-Tron is the only model of the brand, which previously works without the otherwise letter numbers combination in the name. As a companion of the burner era in e-mobility, the first streamer has deliberately renounced every addition. The following E models, however, add to the well-known nomenclature of Audi: Q4 E-TRON, Q6 E-TRON or A6 E-TRON.

But not only by name you go new ways, even in terms of design you want to refresh the Audi E-Tron. Optically, one goes to the Q4 E-TRON. Before all in terms of reach you want to shine. Through a new battery, the range should be around 200 km to approx. 600 km are increased. An announcement. For some months now, information about the Q8 E-TRON has been circulating, but then they should only reach from the second generation.

Currently one can assume that this, as the Q6 E-Tron built in Ingolstadt is based on the E-platform PPE. However, the construction on the Scalable Systems Platform (SSP), with which the VW Group wants to replace the two E-platforms in perspective from the middle of the decade in perspective.

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3 thoughts on “Off for the Audi E-Tron! He becomes the Audi Q8 E-TRON”

  1. When is the Q10 E-Tron. 3500 kg curb weight, 2.30 m wide, 5.5 m long and 200 kWh battery, Vmax 280 km / h
    All car that no one really needs.

  2. The new name may not really be wise. Q8, that sounds in the ears of fewer and / or environmentally conscious people probably first after, huge car ‘. The result can be with the owners of these cars. Very fast, depending on the temperament, trigger a long face or a tantrum because Cerebral retarded with a house key on the parked car and scratch it from the front to the back. So happen at the Jeep of a friend and the Porsche Cayenne of a neighbor.
    Down to business:
    When do our politicians finally come up with the idea of feeding a bolt of this sustainable, huge rubble? E.G. First by a high luxury tax.


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