On the way to the pure e-brand: Fiat E-Panda expects from 2023

On the way to the pure e-brand: Fiat E-Panda expects from 2023-expects

FIAT Centoventi (in German 120) called Stromer, which was presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2019 as a concept car, is on the way to series production. Not necessarily in the variant presented at that time. But at least as a starting point for a series of fully electric vehicles – including a new compact “Panda SUV”. With these models, the Italian manufacturers want to break the way to the fully electric brand.

“Between 2025 and 2030, our product range will be gradually electrically. This will be a radical change for Fiat “, Fiat CEO Olivier François announced at a discussion on the eve of the World Environment Day 2021. The plans of the Fiat CEO sound comprehensible. These also pay for the future of Stellantis. Because Stellantis wants to become a global leader in a new era of sustainable mobility that has prescribed mobility with unmistakable, affordable and efficient transport solutions.

For this reason, Fiat also plan a new product offensive for “affordable electrification”. The Italian brand will establish the 500 and a number of practical vehicles based on the Centoventi Concept as Important Pillars for its growth within Stellantis. Fiat CEO Olivier Francois recently explained to Auto Express that this strategy will make a paradigm shift in the product range of its company. The 500 will now be the style-oriented offer in the portfolio of the brand, while the CENTOVENTI-based upcoming models will waive a sleek styling on behalf of pure expediency.

Specifically, several models are in the room that you want to bring on the street. A compact panda and a panda SUV, as well as other models that were not performed. All e-models alike, however, is the most reckless focus on production costs and the same robust character as the original panda from the 1980s. From the outside, the Centoventi actually looks like a futuristic further development of the panda. One of the most striking design elements include chunky wheel arches and a box-shaped overall impression. Therefore, the plans appear accordingly implementable. but let us surprise ourselves.

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3 thoughts on “On the way to the pure e-brand: Fiat E-Panda expects from 2023”

  1. What’s “affordable”?
    I suspect, the list price is started high first to see if there are enough people who pay it. If not, it is rubbed back with discounts.
    So actually like all automakers do it.

  2. Bravo Fiat!
    The Italians can easily be better than others!
    I had a panda (169) for a long time, a really smart, manoeuity car that brought a lot of practicality for little money. Had only 50 hp, but all passengers believed me the 75, which I like to give!
    Now we have been driving a 500e (US import) for more than two years, the absolute fun – also my wife loves her sporty “Handtagl”.
    The 500E available in Europe is now torn the hands out of his hands, because the market needs small E cars.
    But that was not understood in Germany, there are dear tanks, so that is much more profit to make!
    If they are not bought (because too expensive and for the eco-conscious audience too unreasonable), the whine comes that e-mobility is not accepted ..

  3. Supi! More cheap corner cars are urgently needed
    and with further decreasing battery prices should also be cheap in 1 to 2 years

    Only value creation will remain in Europe keeps less and less hanging if the innovative battery technology from Far East and USA comes ☹️


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