Only a few steps need: With these tricks on the car you can save petrol – video

The fuel at the petrol stations is sometimes really expensive. A few tips can help to save a lot of petrol – we will show you. In the video we clearly explain why you shouldn’t drive the tank empty.

A few fundamental fuel-saving tips from Auto Club Europa (ACE) can help to save a little money on the tank.

Maintain the engine

The ACE advises regularly check the air filter and have a blocked copy replaced. That is a matter of a few minutes for a specialist, but I have a sometimes large savings effect. You can also think about the engine for the engine. Depending on the operating conditions, the ACE gives a savings potential between two and six percent.

Check air conditioning

If an air conditioning system is incorrectly set, this can cost up to two liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers more. Even such a check is a case for the workshop.

Compare prices

A detour of five kilometers to another petrol station is only worthwhile for an almost empty tank when price comparisons indicate a difference of at least two cents per liter. Appropriate apps can also be used for this. As a rule, Sprit is the most expensive in rush hour in the morning, and prices drop from the afternoon. The cheapest period is usually between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Drive forward

Not too fast and at the most constant pace – this is how you drive fuel -saving. If you have a car with cruise control, you can set it on the highway accordingly.

Clear out the car and remove the roof box

The less useless weight transport drivers, the more you can save. If you freed a modern car of 20 kilograms of unnecessary ballast, you can lower consumption by 0.2 liters per 100 kilometers. If you unscrew roof racks and roof boxes as soon as possible after use, avoid additional consumption through increased air resistance.

Real tire pressure

With each second recharge, check the tire pressure according to the manufacturer at least once a month. Even those who drive 0.5 bar less pressure must expect around five percent additional consumption.

Do not drive the tank completely empty

Although the tan needle is almost zero, drivers like to continue filling up in front of them. The reason for this is high gasoline prices, the loss of time or because it is simply not a petrol station nearby. It can happen that the tank is driven completely empty. And that is exactly what harms your car.Even if the tank is fueled again, you may have to press your car several times before it starts. The fuel system, which is responsible for the distribution of the fuel, must first ventilate independently, since instead of fuel air is pulled through the system.This in turn harms the injection and fuel pump immensely, since during this time they can no longer be cooled and smeared off the fuel. With this dry run, their lifespan drops rapidly.If not only individual pumps, but the entire fuel system are broken, several thousand euros are threatened.Attention: If you stay on the highway with an empty tank, the police can charge you at least 30 to 70 euros, since it is considered to be illegal or parking. In the worst case, there are points in Flensburg.So always refuel your car in good time, you save yourself trouble and protect your wallet.Fueling at the right time: This is the perfect time dumplings high fuel prices 2021: With these free apps you can always recharge the cheapest

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14 thoughts on “Only a few steps need: With these tricks on the car you can save petrol – video”

  1. When the vehicle is older
    and there are deposits in the tank, these particles can rather in the line system … and are deposits in the tank, these particles can rather get into the line system. That is also not beneficial.

  2. Mr. Bergschmidt,…..
    But not if the battery is completely empty and the electronically locked tailgate can no longer be opened. Then you can no longer get the starting aid cable in the trunk.

  3. Tank drove empty
    So I’ve been driving a car for so long and have never finished that I drive the tank empty. Already when the needle approaches the red area, I drive to refuel and even if it is only a few euros. But there is already the idea of lying down. Especially when the replacement canister is in the garage.

  4. Who has a new car with one
    Has faulty fuel gauge, knows the feeling of staying behind. This is not entirely pleasant when it happens on the country road.

  5. Put ignition?
    You cannot do the ignition at all; You also switch on the ignition by turning the ignition key or pressing the start button, but the starter magnetic switch and the starter are pressed.

  6. Tank size?
    I have observed that the car manufacturers save on the tank size. Because the cars now consume less than before, they think that the tank could also be smaller. This is annoying because you have to refuel as often as usual and no advantage of the smaller consumption, except for saving money and environmental protection.

  7. Saved up…
    is on the weight. The tank costs only less than less. But a lighter vehicle because the tank is smaller has a lower consumption. Often there is space for other versions for other export markets.

  8. the old fiesta
    Diesel during student days did not do anything if it was occasionally driven empty ("Coal deficiency") and newly refueled from the reserve canister for ventilation "floral" had to become. With all the sensors and engine in modern cars, a system will probably be possible that this will be possible "Fall" from injection pumps or others that are damaged by this, prevents it. In view of the possible damage, more useful than a seat heating…

  9. The old Fiesta Diesel could be used earlier
    Drive with vegetable oil if necessary. For today’s diesel engines, this is only recommended to a limited extent.

  10. Nice, but no idea about auto technology
    The injection pump has a safety function that closes the supply line if there is a risk that it would take air. At least diesel high pressure pumps are not self -ventilating, so the article is nonsense.

  11. This is like
    So often only half the truth!! What is in the article refers to diesel and even that is only partially true! Common-Rail can be damaged if they are driven empty. And only a few models if the starting attempts "infinite" to be pulled. In most cases, by switching on the ignition repeatedly, the system is ensured that the system is ventilated by the pre -conveyor pump and cars and nothing takes harm. Works z.B. Not with Ford. With petrol engines, on the other hand, you can even drive the tank empty, because something never happens in a purely way! If you have no idea about what you want to report about, just look for another topic!! B.Z.W just the questions that can do it…..

  12. Thanks….
    for the note dear site.Don’t be angry with me, but which idiot drives his tank empty.It may be that you think most Germans are behind the mountain, but most drivers are so clearly in the head that they avoid this.Your tips are not and completely unnecessary.

  13. Thanks very much….
    …For this extremely important article. Yeah, that drive the tank empty until you stay somewhere. The number 1 problem of the driver. But thanks to your article, thousands of left -handed cars will now be prevented.


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