Only electric cars in six years? Opel boss presents new strategy

Interview with Uwe Hochschurtz

Only electric cars in six years? Opel boss presents new strategy

Only electric cars in six years? Opel boss presents new strategy-cars
The Opel Manta will soon celebrate a comeback as a series-e car photo: Opel Opel Manta – Return with E -motor

The new Opel boss Uwe Hochschurtz has big plans. Opel should become profitable in the long term and become a technology leader in electromobility. We spoke to the former Renault manager.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More InfoSvon General Motors has been accommodated by the French brand for several years and is now a sub-brand of the Stelltis Group. The huge brand network includes Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Citroën, Dodge, DS Automobiles, Fiat, Jeep, Lancia, Maserati, Opel, Peugeot and Vauxhall. For Opel boss Uwe Hochschurtz, the influence on the group’s major strategy lines is limited. What can the Germans do and where does the traditional Russelsheim brand develop? Site met the Opel boss for an interview.Site: Mr. Hochschurtz, you are now around 100 days of Opel boss. What is your first conclusion?

Uwe Hochschurtz: That was the most exciting and varied 100 days of my life. Especially since the world premiere of the new Astra fell directly to my first working day. I was very pleased with the positive response to our youngest family member. The announcement that a purely battery-electric variant will also be available from 2023 has also been very well received.

Only electric cars in six years? Opel boss presents new strategy-electric
Opel Opel boss Uwe Hochschurtz (as of December 2021)

At Opel it goes uphill. The Corsa sells very well. But a swallow does not make a summer yet. How do you want to keep the economic upswing?The Corsa is even the best -selling car in Germany in November. And our other models are also very successful. The result: In our highly competitive home market in Germany we have been increasing our market share for 14 months in a row. In the commercial vehicle sector we already have almost 100 as of November.000 transporters sold – an increase of 12 percent. Overall, Opel has continuously presented impressive economic results in recent years. Overall, we are there as strong as it has been for a long time. Now we want to further profile and emotionalize our brand – and of course continue to grow profitably.

Purely electrically until 2028 – but not everywhere

This is an ambitious goal. How do you want to do that?The signs are positive that things go uphill. Especially with a view to our electrification offensive: Already today we offer nine electrified models-including our complete transporter portfolio. By 2024 we will offer an electrified version of each model. This speed of electrification will give us an advantage – and we will win new customers.

Germany’s cheapest electric SUV in the test: The new Opel Mokka-E is so good

Only electric cars in six years? Opel boss presents new strategy-only

Site Germany’s cheapest electric SUV in the test: The new Opel Mokka-E is so good

Opel should become a purely electrical brand by 2028. However, some analysts and other automobile manufacturers see this step as premature. Do not close some markets?Everyone has to decide for themselves which direction they are hitting. We are convinced that there is no alternative to the battery -operated electric vehicle and that we cover a large part of the market. In our international markets outside of Europe, we will continue to offer models with an combustion engine when asked. In addition, we have just handed over the first fuel cell transporter to the customer Miele-our Opel Vivaro-e hydrogen.So fuel cell or hydrogen vehicles are a real alternative?Absolutely. Where this technology will first prevail in commercial vehicles. The Vivaro-e hydrogen is refueled in three minutes and then has a range of 350 kilometers-plus 50 kilometers of electrical range from the charged battery. Incidentally, we have planned for our battery -electric vehicles that we will charge in a minute for 30 kilometers of electricity in the future.

Only electric cars in six years? Opel boss presents new strategy-years

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Opel has drowned one thing: Passat opponent Insignia in the video test

Only electric cars in six years? Opel boss presents new strategy-cars

Site Opel has drowned one thing: Passat opponent Insignia in the video test

Currently, however, the electrical Opel are not exactly known for fast loading times. So how should that work?Already today they invite a Corsa-e or Mokka-E on a quick charging station to up to 80 percent in 30 minutes. With our loading times overall, we are already very competitive if you are not exactly comparing us with high -priced sports cars. And with the next model generations, which of course are based on the new Stellantis platforms, we will be leaders during loading times and the ranges. That becomes clear from 2024. We will have the technologies to load extremely quickly and enjoy even larger ranges. It’s also about the weight of the vehicle. From 2025 we also produce our own high -performance batteries in the Kaiserslautern plant. Mercedes also participated in this joint project a few weeks ago. With this gigafactory we will be significantly less dependent on foreign suppliers in the future.And the new manta should then provide emotions from 2025?We will bring the manta in the middle of the decade to new life. In a new, attractive shape and purely electrical. This will make the Manta-E an Opel electric car that is fun and affordable every kilometer. With that we meet the nerve of people, as you can see on the Corsa-e and Mokka-e.

Only electric cars in six years? Opel boss presents new strategy-cars
Absolutely cool: Opel Manta GSE Elektromod Photo: Opel 5x: electromods – future -proof old

How free are they in model planning?We develop and design our cars here in Russelsheim. Nobody talks us in there. But this freedom also goes hand in hand with duties. If you have this freedom, you also have to make sure that these vehicles sell well. Of course we use the group’s synergy effects that result from technologies and purchasing.So you also have the right to reject a group platform or technology.Of course we could do that. I talk about such topics at least twice with our CEO Carlos Tavares every week. We are very, very free in our decisions. If we do not want to use a platform, but a larger or a smaller one, then we also have to take responsibility and be able to guarantee excellent packaging and earn money with this car.Wolfgang Gomoll led the interview

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Only electric cars in six years? Opel boss presents new strategy-years

Clixoom New lithium battery breaks all records!

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  1. When Opel is one "Flexible market strategy" moves…
    you follow there, in contrast to the totally "Tail on one side BEV strategy" at VW, … one "multi -track rail" and shows itself "technology -open", Z.B. also for the fuel cell drives. the "Charging column/charging time reality" In Germany, the end customers will soon be of it "to convince", that you have a pure Bev "A dead horse" wants to ride that will not get up again if you have one more "Golden saddle" Foaming (conflicting competition BEV purchase premiums.))). In the long term, the fuel cell belongs to the automobile future, no matter what all the forums known "BEV fanatic" Wurk up here…

  2. Who in the year of the Lord 2021
    … sees a "dead horse" in the BEV & in the combustion car – be it in the form of the traditional ICEV, be it in the form of the fuel cell car (FCEV) – the future, which is automotive lateral thinker. He stands against science, business & politics and its common majority goals in climate & environmental protection. Better known for forum as a "BEV fanatic" than as an ICEV/FCEV cross-swour.

  3. Opel Twin 1992 ConceptCar The E-Auto Future !
    Opel probably knows his own story or. their concept vehicles not. They should go into their basement or. Check in the archive of the 1992 Genfer Auto-Salon ! There is or. This is the future of the electric car with a changeable module as a petrol engine for long-distance routes and city cars with an electric drive that called this study at Opel " Twin". The pure electric car with 300 to 600 kg battery is the greatest nonsense on earth. In the past, it was said that unnecessary objects such as z.B Remove snow chains from the trunk to save fuel. What do we do today, drive e-cars that are as heavy as a fully caught petrol engine. K A person would go to business every day with 4 people and full trunk but do the current e -car this – lightweight construction ?

  4. Re just fade out how much…
    Oil (even here "poisonous" Hydraulo oil) "burnt" Will it be a wind turbine "chilled" and will run clean. I could now 10.Write 000 characters, but google yourself. The green new world with "Tuning view".

  5. Change battery
    The statement that there will only be electric cars in a distant time is certainly correct. Only these will probably not be loaded on charging stations over a large area or in apartment buildings in the underground car park. If you look at China, the principle of the interchangeable battery is very promising. The battery car drives into a kind of garage, in principle analogous to a car wash, where the empty battery is automatically unscrewed and a new one is screwed on; All of this takes just over four minutes. Tesla had a similar idea and had this patented ten years ago. But only Nio has actually implemented this in a practical way and is very well received in China, so that Nio together with Shell will enrich the European market with it.

  6. too expensive
    Change batteries are too expensive, so something has to be in stock. Tesla not only patented it, but also offered it at the beginning (in California).It was not accepted. on "Day -to -day business at home" is invited at home or at work, by the way; On the long distance you want to take a break occasionally, because then the bloking fee is often too fast with a full battery 😉

  7. Fast death
    And the next former German traditional brand commits strategic Harakiri. The goal of the EU is not individual electromobility but no longer individual mobility for normal citizens. The Transport Commissioner has often announced this. This is the Junkersche Salamitaktik. Just as frankly announced by Uncle Claude. Just listen and do not forget.

  8. Without alternative?
    "There is no alternative to the battery -operated electric car". Anyone who has such experts at the head of automotive groups who represent such an erroneous opinion, the truly no more enemies.

  9. what else?
    What does he want? Maoam? I’m curious to see what you can still buy? cheapest chin. E-cars with good quality. And a few overpriced classic cars with 3 subject energy consumption.

  10. No matter what comes, e-mobility is a stillbirth
    We have leased two electric cars since the beginning of the year. If I had known that, I would have stayed with the good old diesel. E-mobility will not work for a very simple reason: refueling! There will simply not be enough charging stations. Many people do not live in homes, but for rent. In cities often without their own garage or parking space. Where should these people charge their car? How many charging stations there must be to load 40 million cars? Our cars are full after 4 hours. Most need more. Even if the average loading process is 2 hours due to new technology. is being reduced, there are still too few charging stations. Berlin alone has 1.3 million cars. Where should the shop? That never works in life.

  11. Inductive charging – is not going well on your cell phone
    Inductive charging is not very good on the cell phone, because here the cell phone and the transmission coil must be precisely aligned so that it is ideally loaded. It only works over a few millimeters. In the case of the soil freedom that a car must also have through the TuV standards today, a wishful thinking, which can still be achieved with huge transmission losses.


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